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This is the symbol of the cosmic movement and of the will. Also this is a rune of the Old Aztecs.

First, just like the figure one is, extend the arms to the left side and inhaling through the nose and mantra TTTTOOOORRRRNNNN

Second, just like the figure two is, open your legs and arms to the waist. Inhale and imagine the sexual forces rising up to head. Exhale, imagine those force in the head pass to the heart. At the end ask the Holly Father who in secret is awake our Consciousness.

Segundo, como es la figura dos, piernas abiertas y brazos en la cintura.

Al inhalar, imaginarse que las fuerzas sexuales suben al cerebro. Al exhalar, imaginar que esas fuerzas del cerebro pasan al corazón. Al terminar pedir al Padre que esta en secreto que nos despierte la conciencia.