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These studies are very practical. Therefore, the purpose of this chapter is to learn and to get some benefit from these studies. The application and practice of these studies will provide us with better spiritual and physical health as well as an incredible interior happiness.

Definitively, everybody is in a hurry. However, the fundamental idea of these studies is the annihilation of our egos. Zero ego means a total different life. However, this is a process and we have to do the first steps. Everybody wants to see fast progress. We do not understanding we are the product of our own failures. Failures are concerning this life as well as concerning previous existences (see Karma and Dharma Law conference).

Indeed, in these studies are contents very hard to comprehend. However, one solution could be practice, practice and comprehend. This is the only way for Mastering Life. As far as we live this teaching we will see how revolutionary is. This teaching must be chewed with the intellect and digested with the heart.

The best for learning and tutoring of this teaching is from mouth to ear, face to face. The virtual presentation of these few conferences is only the minimum, however, enough to start. Definitively, this is only the beginning.

This web site is also to provide tutoring and answering questions; making clear statements, and if it is possible to provide some samples.

Also, through this web site we want to offer some solutions to specific problems. For example: ALCOHOLISM… Alcoholism is a complex situation. Our mind fails. We do not know how to handle impressions coming from exterior World. We do not have enough power will. Also, it is very important to know very well the situation. Therefore, it is recommended to practice as much as possible the following Mantra (phonetic force) GGGGAAATTTEE GGAAATTTEE PPPPAAARRAAAGGGAAATTEEE PPAAARRRAAASSSAAMMGGGAATTTEE BBOOODDIISSUUUAAAJJJJAA.

(pronunciation is “G” like gave, “A” like apple, “T” like Thomas, “E” like Ernest, “P” like Peter, “R” like Robert, “M” like Mary, “B” like Bob, “O” like original, “D” like Daniel, “I” like insect, “U” like urgent, “J” like Hudson).

The practice of this mantra could be verbal o mental. Also, give click on conferences;

  • Practice VIPARITA TAKARANI MUDRA as well as the RUNE DORN.

Also, Classic Music must be listen specific classic music is medicine for the alcoholism. For example:

Beethoven; first, third, sixth, and eight symphonies. Tristan und Isolde- Prelude and Liebestod. Tchaikovsky – Waltz Of The Flowers; Tchaikovsky – andante cantabile. Overture to Romeo and Juliet. 08 1864 OFFENBACH_ Barcarolle, from _The Tales of Hoffmann_. Claude Debussy – Claire de Lune. Edward Grieg – Wedding Day At Troldhaugen From Lyric Pieces, Op.62. 05 – Pavane pour une Infante Défunte – Maurice. The most Relaxing Classical – Borodin – 15 – Nocturne. 12 Polonaise in A Flat. Chopin Concerto No. 1, Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini – Chopin. Classical – Borodin – Polovetsian Dance No. 2 from Prince Igor. The most Relaxing Classical – Borodin – 15 – Nocturne. Chopin – nocturne. vals-cuentos de los bosques de Viena. Waldteufel – The Skaters Waltz. Yvonne Kenney – Vilia – Franz Lehar – ‘The Merry Widow’. Johann Strauss – The Blue Danube . Johann Strauss – Tales from the Vienna Woods Waltz.

In the same manner we can try to give help with different runes, practices, mantra, or classic music to Drugs, Aborts, Different kind of Addictions, Depression, Violence (different ways), Sexual deviation; homosexualism, lesbianism, Rape, Pornography, and so many physiological shames.

Each of the psychological shames has its own variations. What we recommend is to start with the studies of this web site and feel free to contact us with questions. We will be pleased to help.