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What is Gnosis


No. 1

Transcendental Knowledge

There are some times in our lives we ask ourselves the following questions:

Who are we? From where do we come? Where are we going? Why are we born? Why do we die? Why do we dream? Why do we have premonitions? Why are there symbols?

However, immediately we forget it. Then, we follow the usual, sleeping in our Consciousness with the same psychological state. There are only special times we pay attention to those crucial questions.

Indeed, a Transcendental Knowledge is needed in order to answer those questions. Therefore, we have a problem of knowledge.


Three Types of Knowledge

The first is Common Know ledge. This knowledge belongs to the daily life. For example, concerning traffic lights, red stop, green continue. Also, watch for cars at any street crossing, and so far.

The Second type is the Intellectual Knowledge . This knowledge is coming from outside to the inside. The root is Intec-lectom. Information is coming from outside into the inside of ourselves. This kind of knowledge is subjective and conceptual.

The Third type is Transcendental Knowledge . This knowledge is based on Theory and Revelation. This is called Auto Gnosis. Knowledge is coming from inside to the outside.

Exoteric and Esoteric Knowledge

Exoteric Knowledge is the knowledge known by everybody. Everybody has access to this knowledge.

Exoteric Knowledge is the occult, just for the few ones. Here we need to consider the phenomenon by itself. Normally, we see the phenomenon with our physical senses. However, the phenomenon has another part. That part is only detected without instrument or physical senses.

Eliphas Levi, (Alphonse-Louis Constant 1810-1875), French occultist who wrote several books described the following table.

Visible Analog Causal
Physics Natural Magic Metaphysics
Chemistry Alchemy Hermetic Philosophy
Astronomy Influences Spiritual Causes
Anatomy Psychurgy Theurgist (Magic)

Therefore, the meaning of Gnosis is Knowledge – Wisdom, and this one is Anthropocentric. The man is the base and the purpose. Gnosis is a Faculty of the Consciousness.

In Ancient Greece, in the temple of Dhelpis their motto was “Nosce Te Ipsum”. Man knows you and will know the universe.

The esoteric knowledge is the base to understand the physical world.

This deeply and transcendental knowledge is necessary in order to know truly the Bible, unveil dreams, know the prediction elements of the kabala, tarot, and the same I Ching, Medieval alchemy, about the Sephiroths, pyramids, numerology, esoteric psychology, symbolism, etc.

The Knowledge is the base for the freedom to know the duality of good and evil. Knowledge is Enlightenment. Ignorance is the evil of the world.

The knowledge of Gnosis has four basic branches.

Science It can be materialistic as far as we know it. On the other hand, there is Pure Science. The difference is from the Gnosis point of view which is Subject for the Materialistic Science is Objective for the Gnosis, and vice versa. What is objective for the Materialistic Science is subjective for the Gnosis.
Art It is divided between Subjective and Royal. The Old Royal Art of the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Medieval have a message for the Consciousness. On the other hand, Art that does not have nothing for the Consciousness is subjective.
Philosophy The Formal Logic, which started Aristotle can go only from know to known On the other hand, the Superior Logic can go from know to unknown. Plato explained that. Mystic Principles, and Forms. The roots of religions always have an objective Principle. The branches of religions only have forms.

The main goal of this knowledge is to create a complete Real Man. Supplying for this purpose the knowledge and practice needed for the Self Intimate Realization of the Being.


Explaining the practice and application of the Three Factor of the Revolution of the Consciousness.

(1) Death, this is the eradication of personal negative psychological actual sketch. The psychological self-annihilation of what is not real within, that is, all the undesirable elements that make up the Ego; Self, I, the living personification of all our errors, defects and vices.

(2) Birth, is the creation of the internal spiritual bodies. The harmonious unfolding of the superior faculties that are latent inside us, and the creation of certain corporeal structures that allow the perception of the great realities in this and other dimensions.

(3) Sacrifice for the Humanity, this is the work which is needed to do for the welfare of the human alike. The unselfish and constant deed in favor of humankind, sacrificing private interests to bring well-being to our brotherhood of mankind.

Definitively, this is only the introduction for this Transcendental Knowledge. Therefore, enough patience is needed enough patience for the comprehension and understanding of the information.

We are sure this knowledge could bring to you enormous benefit in the physical as well as in the spiritual way.