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Viparita Takarani Mudra

No 16

Here we are going to talk about health.

Three things worry the human being.

“Food, health, and money”

viparitaThe planetary body; the physical body some times gets sick, some times it doesn’t, that is way life passes. We believe to know all about the physical body. However, not even the best Scientist know it well. Because it is necessary to know the cause and effect as well as the karma laws.

We can say senility is a matter of “oldness”. It can happen at the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s years old.

Like it is said “the joke is not to become, but to know how to arrive”. The young people do not appreciate the youth. The old people grieve about what they do not have. A young person; if for one day feels what is old will fight to keep the youth. However, we could say that is impossible. We could say the years are not passing free. The reality is the time factor does not exist as we will see later.

Francisco Pizarro, Spanish conquistador went to Peru and traveled extensively looking for the “Eternal Fountain of Youth”. Today the market concerning youth with their cosmetics, surgeries, and treatments is really enormous.

Age is a Matter of Time?

We said age is a matter of time. But does time exists? The time is an invention of the mind. The Sacred Solar Absolute only is in one way, and that is with all and its process. For example, we see the sun pass every 12 hours and it is down. Then we say 12 hours have passed. However, where are those 12 hours? Two phenomena have passed during those 12 hours. However, those two phenomena have happen into one eternal instant. The Bible does not talk about time as we normally do. We abuse the time and this one is subjective with no real bases. However, someone can say I am 80 years old, and I am old. However, can it be possible to analysis it in a lab these 80 year?

Only it is a succession of phenomena – new cell being replaced by old or damaged cells, but what about age; cell mechanic can say others. So, age is a cell problem; a mitosis problem.

If our chakras work as those must be and absorber correctly the tattwas of the enteric world we will create enough hormones in appropriate amount. Remember the word hormone comes from Greek “anxiety, force to be”. From all hormones the sexual hormone is the most powerful. The same zoosperms magnetize and electrify at the same time pass to the prostate. The zoosperms brake down in hormones and pass them into the blood activating the organism and brain. That is the way the brain is active.

However, is it not, the man who wastes his own seed damaging his brain as well as his dynamism. Therefore, the process of hormones is incomplete by than damaging the prostate.

Viparita Takarani Mudra

Viparita Takarani Mudra is 6 exercises, 6 rites, 21 times per day according the long ritual Zen. The dervish, Muslim esoteric practice dancing from left to right. That is imitating the movements of the Earth as well as the orbit around the Sun. The Lamasery practices in a short way.

Viparita Takarani Mudra is a penitence, is a pray, is a practice, is scientific chastity, is castle the king. It is an asana to practice gradually.

The position is laying face up on the floor but buttocks against to the wall, and extends up the legs across the wall. This is making a square using the wall to support us. Increase exercise time gradually according your abilities.

This esoteric and scientific penitence of transcendental mystic is a prayer to the Holy spiritual particular Mother. Everybody has his or her own spiritual Mother, as it is the same thing here on Earth. This is a prayer to the Holly Mother as well as the Holy Ghost. Each word must be from deep of the heart asking Her to forgive us. The Holy Ghost is concerned our sexual aberrations of this existence as well as previous existences.

SAW said the normal man of the street has something that is called peduncle; a membrane deep in the palate. This peduncle controls organic movements; it is a collector of afferent impulses center. Basically, this is the center of actions we do without reason. Actions that belong to the deepest part of the subconscious; those actions are not good, those are like materialism, scepticism, cruelty, and so on. So, this etheric center is lunar for complete. Besides that, in the lower part of the belly we have the positive part of this center. We have created a moon in our head and a sun in our low belly. That means we have the wrong polarity.

Indeed, we need to castle the king as it is in chess. We need to interchange the king; the sun, in the low belly for the moon, the queen, in the palate. The circulation of the lymph, the blood will help us to raise our atomic sun and low our atomic moon.

Of course, we need to observe, to recognize, to comprehend, to repent, to ask, to forgive the clumsy actions. Do this sincerely with words coming from our heart.

This exercise we help us to Christificate the mind putting it under the service of the Holy Ghost.

Also, with this exercise we will eliminate katancia; everybody has something of that.

We create light in our brain.

With this exercise we create mitosis that improves our health.

With this exercise we awake consciousness; this helps us in psychological matters.

“The intimate self realization only is possible through patience and conscious works as well as voluntary suffers”. SAW