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Transformation of the Impressions

No 18

Transform means to change the same noun into something different. There are different types of transformation. Concerning nature we can change sugar into alcohol, and this one into vinegar. Petroleum can be changed, for example, into gasoline. Milk can be transformed into cheese. Vegetation changes carbon into oxygen.

It is said the medieval alchemist transformed lead into gold; this must be known to understand it.

The seed needs to die in order to transform into a plant; dying gives life.

The human being transforms the energies in order to live.

Thee Types of Energy

Basically, there are three types of energy. If we can compare the human being to a three stories manufacturer; the first floor we can say it is the stomach transforming the food. The second floor we have the lungs transforming the air. Third floor we have the brain where arrive the impressions. We can live some days without food, less days without water, and only a few seconds without impressions. The two floor transform is done by our instinctive center. However, the third, the brain does not transform anything. There is no apparatus to transform. Nature is not interested on that. Therefore, everything arrives directly into the brain; attachments, ire, jalousies, pride, self love, envy, lust, and so on.

There is Sufi tale. During the old wars they used elephants like secret war weapon . One day they wanted to pass such secret weapon into a neighbor country. They covered the smuggled elephant. However, the natives of the neighbor country wanted to know what that was. They covered the secret weapon in such way to leave only a small whole just to fit the arm and to touch. The native put the arm inside the whole and touched; some said it was something solid, other said it was rough skin with some hair, other said it was wrinkled, and so on. The senses are for sure deceiving.

It is said the man is what he does in his own life. Who does not work in his own life is wasting his time. It will come other returns, other recurrences; each one more dense, more hard than the others and so on. Success in life is not exactly money; but happiness transforming life. Therefore it is not possible going through life hurting people only because they disagree with us.

What is the Real?

However, what is correct, what is real, the thruth? What we see or feel is objective? Of course, do not; if we see a chair, for example, we can not put inside our head that chair, but the image. When we hear a sentence we do not say that person came inside our head, but the voice. So, we only see and hear the appearance of the phenomena.

All of that is through our senses. For example; with the tact we perceive the roughness, or the smoothness. With the smell we perceive the good or bad smell. With the taste we perceive the salted or sweet. With our sight we perceive a pleasant or unpleasant view. There is no difference, everything leaves a stimulus.

Always we process the reactions from outside to inside, for example..

a) stimulus 1. insult aa) receive throw stone into water , throw ball, etc.
b) impression 2. get inside bb) process hit the water, hit the wall, etc.
c) reaction 3. response cc) reaction water waves, bounces

Negative reactions imply negative life. There is no passivity, but accumulation of reactions. Always we are reacting. Normally those are the same reactions and mechanic too. We base all in previous experiences, prejudice, pre – concept, and so on. We can assure it observing old person as they always say the same. We always react in the same manner.

The personality plays a very important roll. This one is always reacting contrary the essence. The essence transforms correctly, however, this one is covered by several lays of egos. The sequence is the stimulus (senses) passing to the centers of the human machine (impressions). So, the personality reacts. For example, what we will think if we manage a business with a female associate in the front desk. This associate receives phones calls and mail coming to our business. Normally, this associate makes mistakes switching phone calls to different places as well as sends mail to different departments. So, what goes to the warehouse it send to purchases; what goes to accounting it send to production, and so forth. The logic could be to fire that associate. Other example; if we go shopping to a clothing store to buy a shirt, and we are attended by a courteous and serviceable female employee, for sure we are going to think wrong about her. We are going to think she has sexual intentions to us. However, she is doing her job, and that is it.

Normally, there are two factors concerning personality. One is quality, this is the group data. For example, a Ming dynasty vase; an adult will see more the commercial value in a covetous way, a child will see the vase something beautiful, something different.

The other factor of the personality is association. That is to put together elements in order to compare and evaluate. Here it is forget that all is unique. The days can look the same; however, each one is a different phenomena.

The consequences of non- transformation are the creation of mental representations. The non- transformation makes false photos in our subconscious. This is minimized or increased. This feed determinate egos too. The personality works spontaneously, mechanically, and automatically.

We do need an apparatus that transforms correctly. We can call this mental stomach. For this we must have an open mind in order to digest and send the impression to the proper center. This is why we need an efficient employee without prejudice or dogmatism. We need to keep in mind that what disagrees and bothers us from our alike we have it very deep inside us. Indeed, in that way we start to reach a new mental level.

The technique of the transformation first brings us to comprehend its necessity. Otherwise, we are wasting all. Secondly we must be alert continuously. In that way, we are not going to react negatively, and we will keep control of what is coming to us. Third; the key is to receive the first shock consciously in order to be in control. Finally, we have the changing element, and give a full turn to the impression.

The changing element is possible although it is the most difficult part; if that is correct it is because we do not have enough practice. We do not know how to give the change. Doing this, we need to have spiritual support. We need the action of our inner part. All of this belongs to the “business of our Real Being”. Little by little is going from our inner come out what we need to apply. For example, we are insulted saying us we are lazy. Instead of getting angry we need to comprehend it; how many times have we really been lazy. If the other’s homosexuality bother us because we think we are heterosexual; think first probably in other existences we were homosexuals too. We are not sure about our sexual preferences in other existences. Therefore, in that way we comprehend and transform. Otherwise we are judging, pre-judging, and so on. The worst in this matter is we are feeding our egos.

Definitely the non- transformation makes us more negative. As far as we get old our emotional center is more and more negative. All of this means unhappiness. So, we do not become conditioned to our five senses.

At the beginning there are some processes we do not have the time, neither the ability to transform them. However, if we really try, there is going to be the first time, later the second one, and so on.

It is recommended at the end of the day (in stead of watch TV.); we make a retrospective trail of the events of the day. Starting from the actual moment and ending how you wake up. Later, choose the most important event; one where our egos worked.

Reflex and meditate such event characterizing it. In meditation we are actors and attendees. In the characterization watch details; analyze, evaluate damages to ourselves and to others, judge, and ask to our Holly Divine Mother the wipe out the ego.

This step needs to be done honestly, not identifiable, seriously, as much as possible be impartial. Remember what more bother us from our like we have it very deep inside us.

The life itself is an eternal transformation. It is a wonderful physiological gym.

If we really want to be happy do not allow and leave a clue in ourselves. This is only possible by transforming wisely.

Remember the impressions are light. Without light we do not perceive. The light is a vehicle to receive impressions.