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The Universe of the Mind

No 11

What is the Mind?

A lot has been said and written about the mind. However, the Scientifics know very little about. Using our mind like it must be; we will be super wise.

There are several techniques to develop the mind; however, the same question remains.

Gnosticly speaking it is said the mind must be an instrument of the soul. However, today the mind is an instrument of the ego.

Unfortunately, we confuse the mind with the brain. If that is correct that will be a catastrophe, and we will be very unhappy.

The mind is a very special energy very intangible. The mind extends beyond our brain. We just see the hypnosis and its experiments. The hypnotized person travels to other places but the physical body. Really what travels is the mind of the hypnotized person. Than it is the way that person can described all that his mind saw.

It is the case of Julius Verne where he narrated the trip to the Moon. In the same way the astronauts that visited the Moon described what it is the equivalent here to the Earth “it was just like ashes of cigarette”, “all of that the man is capable to imagine is executable”.

Telepathy; communication of the mind, the mind itself travels over vibratory waves.

Universal Mind

In order to understand what our mind is first we need to see the universal mind.

There is a complete interrelation between our mind and the universal mind. Don’t forget “the exterior is the interior, and vice versa”. “What is inside is outside and vice versa”. Our eyes see a star in the sky and our thought travels to that place. Emmanuel Kant said “exists nothing outside that is not inside us”. In Orient it is said the Universe is a dream of Brahma. The universe is vague and perishable. Therefore, the universe is mind.

Particular Mind

Our particular mind must not be separated from the universal mind. Any shaman or sorcerer knows that all, specially the mind, is related. However, today our particular mind is fragmented due in great part to the ego. Our particular mind is lunar, because it looks to have light, but death. Our particular mind is cold, and any good clairvoyant will see it dispersed.

Our particular mind is crystallized and lost its ductile. As far as we reach an old age our mind goes from one point to other previously detected. So, our mind full of prejudice and molds is stopped. At short age we are more open to questions; our mind is more ductile and ample.

Our particular mind is full of bottle necks and boxed in prejudices.

Our particular mind is full of politic and religious fanatism.

This bottle neck and fanatism is more based in the blindness product of the ignorance. The doubt is product of the escepticism The negation is product of the atheism.

Our particular mind is a mental chaos. Each ego controls the mind in a specific time. There is no individuality. In that way we loose the ductile and the energy.

The particular mind must be converted to an integral solar mind. This could be possible only breaking the bottle necks. As far as we convert our individual mind we will be a child. This could be even the mentalists are not in agreement.

Erroneously we believe the mind is male. However, the mind is female and receptive. The nature of the mind is passive. The same thing a clean, crystalline, and serene a lake is.

Integral Solar Mind

The integral solar mind must be spontaneous in order to know how to listen. If our mind is not receptive we can not listen. So, in that way we could not be open to the new.

In the same way we see water waves when a calmly lake is disturbed; the same thing happen to our mind. An altered mind is worthless.

Unfortunately, erroneously we believe pushing the mind we will get the best.

The mental body is born from sexual energy; from the individualization, and braking bottle necks.

It was said before the mind is just like an instrument. This instrument is for good or evil. Now it is at the service of the ego.

Sophism of Distraction

The sophisms of distraction have been doing too much damage to the mind. False ideas with the time have been considered true with the time. The theory of Mr. Darwin, the theory of nebulas creating the universe, the theory of Mrs. Robert Dulles about the chromosomes, and so on has been a problem for the Consciousness. The lack of objectivity is a serious problem to the Consciousness.

The mind must be at the service of the essence. It is necessary the direct experience. The meditation helps enormously.

Two Poles of the Mind

In order to use properly the mind two poles must be considered. The will is the positive pole. The imagination is the negative pole. These two poles in action have been creating the inventions. These two poles in vibrating harmony can give us clairvoyance, and telepathy.

Mental Epidemics

  • The mental state is transmissible, and communicable.
  • The violence; even we do not participle we get infected. Unfortunately, even if we see a simple football game or a rock concert and get identified us get impregnated our mind of violence.
  • Scepticism and its logic affect our psychic center.
  • Existentialism; since WWII has been degenerating is neurotismo, egocentrism, styles, and so on.
  • Infra sex in movies, television, pornography had been infected our mind.

Therefore, the transmission of all of those mental epidemics helps the rebellion among the youths. In the same manner atheism never before in the history of humanity has been so endemic as it is now. Never before; there is so much cold, pessimistic, and neurotic persons.

These mental epidemics and its propagation has been degenerating the sexuality into its low and worst degeneration.

So, it is need a mental hygienic. It urges a preventive medicine. Definitively, there is no filter to all of that coming from outside. We really need to select our mental impressions.

Otherwise, the result will be abnormal psychics.

However, the mind is not all.