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The Transformation of Energies

No 24

Now we will see the scientific part of the sex. There are 12 fundamental hydrogen. In this case we use hydrogen in order to give reference to a matter. The atomic weight is 1.

The human organism is truly human manufacturing transforming gross hydrogen into fine hydrogen.Life is a continuous transformation just observe our cells.

However, it is important to comprehend sex which is a generation of life, degeneration, and regeneration (Suprasexuality). This is known from ancient times.

The strongest force in the human is the sexual energy. There are different ways to use sex; one of them is born again.

The sexual energy is exposed just as any other matter is due to transformation. Everything gets transform even the birth of the human being is a transformation.

The Tibetan people knowing these mysteries say “A thing doesn’t die, but enter into other dimension”; just like death is.

Seed and Fruit

Our sexual energy is seed and fruit at the same time. Energy doesn’t remain stagnated. That transformation is according the musical notes.

DO Hydrogen 768 Earth Element
Food in our stomach
RE Hydrogen 384 Water Element
Chemical food
MI Hydrogen 192 Air Element
Liquid food action upon blood
FA Hydrogen 96 Fire Element
Food transformed into calories
hormones, vitamins.
SOL Hydrogen 48 Nerve System
Thinking and impressions
LA Hydrogen 24
SI Hydrogen 12 Sexual energ

There are the four elements; Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and the musical notes. However, the quality of the energy, our fruit depends of the food. This one is conditioned by our thinking as well as our impressions. The next step, the next musical note depends of us. So, we can give a superior DO, or an inferior DO. Logic is; good nutrition, noble thoughts, correct transformation of impressions produces a good seed, good fruit.

Up to here the energy is good for generation, regeneration or degeneration. Energy could never be stagnated it could bust. If there is repression it could be unhealthy mind, rape, and so on.

Involution or Degeneration

The process into inferior musical note is due to an erroneous circulation of energy. There are excretory and occult channels (nadis). Energy stagnated goes through erroneous channels. That can be seen in religious fanatism. Any fanatism is violent; ire, passions, violence, violent sports, sexual fantasies. All of this always uses wrong channels. Infra sexuality could be masturbation, aphrodisiacs, adultery, lesbianism, homosexualism, and so on.


Celibate is something negative and dangerous. The mystic know the sex is sacred just remember the ancient phallic cultures. Celibate is a timing bomb; eating and living good. Doing nothing with the sexual energies; generates veneroskinian vibration. The psychological result is a sexual deviation. Remember the Spanish Inquisition fat or skinny celebrities; cynical and hypocrite.

Special Shock

With a special schock it is possible to get a superior octave musical note, which is evolution. Remember Mr. Einstein and his formula E=MC2 the matter transforms into energy. If a matter is applied more energy of it’s contain it is get a transformation. The matter is energy, and the energy is matter. All of that depends of the quality of the vibrations. This mathematical formula saves a lot of explanations to esoterism. In the same way if a fine energy moves slow of its normal speed that can be seen. That is how ghost can be seen. With a special shock and additional vibration we can pass that energy into a superior octave. This is the same as the nuclear fusion is. This fusion frees energy in controlled way. Heat helps to frees bodies. That is the key of the Arcane A.Z.F., something new and ancient at the same time. This arcane is neither seminal ejaculation nor sexual spasm. Sublime and mystic connection of the sublime parts of the Being; Lingam Yoni; that is regeneration creating heat, otherwise it is animal.

At the end of the nineteenth century several doctors in medicine made sexual scientific experiments. They found there is no danger as some persons say. Dr. John Noyes closed to New York City frustrated for 5 years of marriage and a wife with 4 aborts looked for other contraceptive methods even get separated from his wife. His philosophical conclusions were a great waste of sperm when only one was necessary. Dr. Noyes practiced intercourse once a year in order to have children with this male contention. So, he created the Oneida Society together with other 200 people. During 10 to 15 years they had born 20 children. Only what they wanted. The conclusions were very positive fewer children stronger, healthier and more intelligent with mothers healthier too. Yes, it were detractors; those like the fable of the fox and the grapes, where couldn’t reach it and said “never mind, those are green”. Oneida Society


Also, it is the case of Dr. Alice Stockan creating the Caretza Method. This method is more inclined to the famine part and the no orgasm. This method takes all of Dr. Noyes and it is based stronger in caress, no orgasm with the purpose the woman neither loose faculties or health. Dr Stockan found the orgasm produced psychic unbalance and reduce youth.

Gnosis goes far away and not even in healthy children or longer youth, but help us to self realization.

In our sexuality there is centrifuge activity; going out. Also, there is centipede activity; going inside. Just it is a matter to accustom the body to change its flow.

It is the case of Dr. Ron Squard who discovered the incretores, centripetal channels and said he was closed to the youth elixir. Dr. Squard took hormones from the glands of the dogs and injects it into his legs in order to rejuvenate them; he had problem with them.

Gnosis goes far away, because transmuting sexual energies is possible going to a superior octave with the H I-12 create the astral body. Following from octave to a superior octave and after the astral body is created create the mental body, and so far. Energy crystallizes first in a molecular level first, later in an atomic level, and much later in an electronic level. At the beginning those bodies need a lot of energy in order to develop as a child is growing up. However, taking advantage of the energy and hermetically sealing it that is possible.


There are two techniques; Pranayama for singles and Arcane A.Z.F. for married couple. Everything is possible that when the age allows, sublimation, mystic death, fidelity, and seriousness.