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The Three Minds

No 12

How to Get the Real and True Knowledge?

The knowledge of everything is the greatest yearning. However, that is not possible because we are ignorant. The problem is the actual thinking process we used can not allow us more. To improve our thinking process there are other faculties; we do not use them because our intellect minimizes them.

Three Minds

We do not necessary have three minds, but our mind belongs to one of the three types of mind.

Sensual Mind, first type

The sensual mind makes its concepts based in our five senses. Therefore, this kind of mind is vulgar. Definitively, this sensual mind can not know nothing of the real and true.

Concept versus Reality; sensual mind is really poor it is always struggling between concept and reality. This mind believes concepts are reality. For example, a physician believes all is working according what the learned at the medical school. A psychologist is he same. A wise man does not seize a fact of any given phenomena. The norm is to use long and sophisticated labels to cover our ignorance.

VM SAW said. “In the ancient Babylon they had a congress. The idea was to see if the soul was immortal or not. Some of them were in favor others were not. Than a hermetic man, an Assyrian explained them the subjective ness of the idea” The Kali Yuga times had just began.

Jesus Christ prevented us “warning of the yeast of the Sadducees”. That is being careful of the materialism, the intellectualism. Emmanuel Kant gave the reason in this matter.

Intermediate Mind, second type

This intermediate mind seems deeper than the sensual mind. The Inquisition belongs to this kind of mind. This type of mind creates its data from religions.

What the intermediate mind knows about the real and true? Really nothing; if we ask to this kind of mind what is God? The intermediate mind how can define that? We only know what has benn said. The Christian could say God is the Divine Trinity. A Hindustani could say God is Brahma. We could give form, but to capture reality.

Therefore, there is a difference between the beliefs and reality. A godless person could convince a believer. That is the same thing happened with the theory of Mr. Charles Darwin.

The Gnosis stands up for the direct experience to convert beliefs into a conscious faith. The belief by itself is no a reality. The reason to change esoteric schools is due the lack of living matters. Only conscious faith could keep us alive by direct experience.

Jesus the Christ prevented us “warning of the yeast of the Pharisees”. The Pharisees are those that give us religion and do not accomplish it. Those are who do not enter nor enter.

Interior Mind, third type

As far as we have been living experiences we penetrate into the third kind of mind. All of that give us objectivity. For example, the Earth’s plain; only men with interior mind could, at that time, speak about the rounding of the Earth. Contrary to that, there are Scientists who sent an aircraft to space to analysis the tail of a comet in order to know the origin of the Universe. Those kinds of theories fascinate us.

Only this kind of mind could give us the real and true knowledge. This interior mind can give us the knowledge about ancient civilizations. However, the question is how we can open the interior mind?

How to Open Interior Mind

First, it is important to eliminate the subjective perception. Relax our mind; remember our mind is feminine, passive, and receptive. This requires a tremendous effort because all our life we have been thinking subjectively.

Psychological Thinking

Also, it is important to get used to the psychological thinking. Our thinking process has always been reasoning. If we observe children; at the time we are explaining something to them we can see their eyes imagine all details of our conversation. Children think psychologically as well as the ancient Mayans, Aztecs, and old Egyptians. With the time, those children will change into subjective thinkers. So, the psychological thinking faculty is gone forever.

Transcendental Meditation

The transcendental meditation drills the sensual mind as well as the intermediate mind and converts our interior mind.

Faculties of the Being

The intellect is the faculty we use more. This faculty is the clumsiest of all the faculties of the Being. It is sad that we try to do everything without intellect. What we can say about a mechanic when we bring our car for repair and try to repair it with no more than a screwdriver. For sure we will say that mechanic has no idea how to repair a car, if he does not know how to use other tools. The same thing is what we would say about an astronomer who is studying the universe with a microscope. What about a bacteriology who uses a telescope in order to see the bacterium. The truth is each faculty has its own orbit of action.

What is Imagination?

Imagination is a faculty that is underestimated, atrophied, and misunderstood with fantasy in today’s world.

Imagination goes beyond the intellect. Imagination is a center of perception of the Being. The imagination is part of the psychological thinking and helps us to see. Without imagination our eyes can only do part of the job. However, the imagination is atrophied due the mechanic concepts. The mechanic concepts are fantasy; leftovers of our intellectual center. The fantasy is mental waste.

Mechanic Imagination is fantasy. This one damages and obstructs the true faculty.

The conscious and objective imagination increases clairvoyance.

The center of perception center; VM Samael Aun Weor said we can develop it with the same exercise Nostradamus did. In a cooper bowl we put some water. In the bottom of the bowl we place a small mirror and some drops of mercury.

In that bowl we must accustom to “see”. Little by little with some time we will start seeing lights and much later figures. This exercise develops the pituitary, and benefices us from the planet Venus. This exercise benefices more if we are less intellectual. Remember always “the highest way of thinking is no thinking at all”.

What is Inspiration?

“Inspiration is the faculty that helps us to unveil what the imagination is” SAW. This second step helps to unveil the symbols of the imagination.

Inspiration is also a faculty of the Being. If with our imagination we see the elemental of a plant with the inspiration we understand it. Also, concerning dreams with the imagination we can see, however, with inspiration we can understand them better.

The inspiration is linked to the superior emotional center. However, we have to eliminate the low and fatuous inspirations. The true inspiration is linked to the real art.

Inspiration can be developed by listening to classic music as well as reading poetry, or contemplating real art.

What is Intuition?

The third step is Intuition. The intuition is the intuitive knowledge. Samael Aun Weor was of intuitive knowledge domain. The intuition is “the faculty of apprehension of the cosmic true”. Intuition is one of the greatest faculties of the Being.

It is said in the old China an empress wanted to know what an intuition was. She asked to her advisers. They explained her in different ways and she could not understand it. So, they got the idea to put a candle in front of a mirror, another mirror, and another one, and so on. With all of the mirrors reflecting the burning candle; in that way the empress could understand the truth can be seen from different angles. The phenomena can be seen from different places. God is everywhere just like the candle. The mystic can see in that way all things. Normally, the woman with more heart than head can be more intuitive than man.

The faculty of the intuition can be developed with the capacity of love. The fires of the heart make us more intuitive. Practice the mantram OOOOMMMM, OOOOMMMM, MMMMAAAASSSSIIII, PADME, JJJJUUUUMMMM (Oh God in me). All the exercises for the heart turn us more intuitive. Also, meditate in math formulas just like m=c2, e=mc2, INRI, and so on help us to be intuitive.

Those three steps give us the true and real knowledge.