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The Seven Types of Man

No 26

When we say man we make reference to woman too; both are equals. Both can realize completely. Both can receive the same initiations. Both can Christificate too.

The word man is more for courtesy because there is appearance and no more; Masters are not. For each of us the definition of man can be assorted; some can say moral is the base, and so on.

For the Gnosis there are seven classic types of man. Those seven can be divided in two groups; Unconscious and conscious humanity, mechanic and conscious psychology. The two groups appear to be the same, however, the language separate them. Both groups are born different due karma.

Mechanic Humanity.

1. Instinctive motor man, this is the type one. His base is the instinctive and the motor center. Here we can find the man who likes sports, hunting, and so on

2. Emotional man, this is the type two. His base is in the solar plexus. Here we can find the artist, the bohemian man.

3. Intellectual man, this is the type three. His base is in the intellectual center, which is more developed than the rest of the types.

Babel Tower , Genesis 11:1-11. These men did not know anything of the real and they pretended to climb “the kingdom” with their science, intellect, emotions. These types of men are desegregated and that is the reason of the language confusion. That has nothing to do with linguistic. If we do a practice with those three type of men; for example, if we bring them to a picnic. At the end if we ask them what were their experiences. We are going to find some went for the exercise; the motor and instinctive man. Others went for the contemplation; the emotional man. Others went for the analysis and calculation; the intellectual man.

Therefore, we found those three types of men have their Gravity Center in their False Personalities.

Conscious Man.

4. Conscious man, this is the type four. He is the kind of man that does not bear like that, but create himself. The man number four is not mechanically and come out from any of the other three types of man. Man number four is a product of the esoteric internal work. The man number four is product of the school of the fourth way, school of regeneration.

The man number four balances his centers. He knows when an emotion has not gone too far because that could be an improper sentimentalism. Concerning intellectual matters he knows his measures and applications. Concerning his sexual center he knows how to use it. This man does his hermetic seal in order to save energies.

Man number four bases his Consciousness in his Gravity Center and do that permanently.

Man number four knows his condition and apply the teaching and his ray. He knows where to go and how; he knows his situation and knows it is difficult and serious.

Man number four has own criteria, and that is the base for his own judgments. He is not a toy of anybody. He does not hear gossips. He is not a velleity. He does not allow get influenced. He only applies his consciousness, criteria, and comprehension. Comprehension does hot exist in the first three types of men.

Man number four can pass to man number five or remain in four levels.

5. Man five; in order to be man number five is required supra sexuality. Man number five has to create astral body and awaking Consciousness.

Man number five can pass to man number six or remain in that level.

6. Man six; in order to be man number six has to create mental body.

Man number six can pass to man number seven or remain in that level.

7. Man seven; in order to be man number seven has to create causal body.

Those three types of men; five, six and seven know “The Heaven”, and have language unity. They recognize each other and it does not matter race, language, age, economic situation, or sex. They speak the language of the Consciousness. There are sights, gestures, acceptations without the necessity to express them.

How to free from Mechanic Humanity?…

“Similian Similius Curando”, that is the phrase of Galen and the homeopathy medicine. That is creating first the Psychological Moon, which contrast with the mechanic moon we have. In that way we cure the illness and we have immunity against its poison. Remember the oil wells how those are extinguished when are on fire; with a bust.

In the same manner is creating a Permanent Center . A man number four recognize other man number four in the Continuity of Purposes. This is also appealing to the Third Force; The First Force is Evolution, Second Force is Involution, and the Third Force is Revolution.

The comprehension of the Gnostic Teaching pulls us out of the vicious circle of the mechanic humanity practicing for a Permanent Gravity Center .

Where to Start?…

SAW said in order to start this job the attention must be directed to eliminate the False Personality and its components. That is; self love, pride, self consideration, self sentimentalism, and so on. The man number four if his is humiliated will not keep hate; if he does that will fall in man number two.

This is why the word Sacrifice is a math word. Sacrifice is to give for something, exchange for a quality. It is sacrificed the self love for humble. It is sacrificed lust for chastity. Remember the Hara Kiri, however, that is sacrificed wrong interpreted. It is sacrificed the False Personality for the Solar Personality.

How to get the “Heaven”?…

In order to get into Heaven it is necessary to work the Ninth Sphere. A single can get a lot practicing Pranayama. However, it is going to be the moment to need a sexual partner. The negative force factor; positive factor, and the complement neutral force, that is the combination of the three forces the entrance detonation for “Heaven”.

In order to be in heaven is necessary to create an interior psychological Solar System. That is the way to be a Real Man. However, remembers SAW “To any exaltation proceeds a terrible humiliation”. “For any slope it is a fall”.

Are More Types of Men?…

Effectively, The Law of Seven is not all. The possibilities of Man do not end with Man number seven.

Nirvana Man – SAW said to Man number seven opens the possibility of Nirvana Man. This Nirvana Man renounces to the same Nirvana for Love to Humanity. He sacrifices 1000 or 2000 maybe 3000 years in Nirvana just for love to our alike.

Solar Man – Who have renounced to Nirvana can aspire to be Solar Man. The Solar Man is a Resurrect Man; no personal karma nor zodiacal karma. This man must have zero ego and to complete Second Mountain . Also, this man has secured the alchemy gold in himself.

At this point, it look the end, however, the Solar Man can go further.

Galactic Man – Solar Man can convert into Galactic Man creating an interior psychological galactic. The Galactic Man can adapt his astral body to travel for the entire galaxy; beyond that is not permitted.

Galactic Man has created New Vehicles.

Nirmakaya Body of Transformation
Sambogakaya Body for the pleasure of the Life in Movement
Alikaya Body of the Geniality
Darmakaya Body of Law without karmic residue, onto logic, values of the Being.

One more time, it looks like the end.

Infinite Man – Galactic Man with his humiliations and exaltations can be Infinite Man. The same Einstein said “the infinite is curved and there is more than one infinite”. It is known about transfinite math; infinite + infinite = infinite. There are infinites that can be anti matter; infinites with totally different laws to this one.

The way of the Real Man is further.

Paramartasaya Man – There are tow options to the Infinite Man. One is Nirvana, and the other is the Absolute. This can be in Nirvana for an indefinite time. Or, he can follow the way of renunciation and for love the humanity this infinite man can be Absolute Man. Absolute Man is calling also Paramartasaya. Jesus the Christ got this level of man.

However, the doors of the Absolute are not all. This is something like to arrive to the beach and then there are possibilities to go into the sea. Neither the Being nor the Absolute have end. All is renunciations and sacrifices.