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The Origin of the “I”

No 31

Genesis 1:27

“So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”.

Behind that symbology is hidden a tremendous reality. We are slave to live. The reality is the Gods also can make mistakes. Jehovah is not understood; also, the divine principles Elohim, man, woman are too. Let’s see this more carefully.

Protoplasmatic, Hyperboric, and Lemur Races.

The first and the second race were androgens. The Lemurs at the beginning also they were androgens too. Later this race changed from androgens to separated sex. We must understand that androgen is a being with the two sex and they choose their sex according their psycho logic plane. Later, they converted in hermaphrodites. Really they were a divine race. This Lemur race did the separation of sex. This is what the Bible says about Adam and Eve. It is an allegory that from a rib Eve was created.

Following with the Lemurs; the sexual act was a sacrament. The act of creation was internally. Later, with the time, it was need the cooperation of a sexual partner. The scientific over run the church. The clerics did not have bases only dogmas and they could not refute the scientifics.

There are two trees; the Tree of the Life relational with the ten Zephyrk of the Kabala. The other one is the Tree of the Science of the Good and the Devil. This last one has relation with the sexual act. The symbology of Adam eating the prohibit fruit is precisely the sexual act. The sexual act is a sacrament and it is profaned. This profanation is such Leviticus 15; bodily discharge, seed emission. So, in that way was the genesis of the “I”, the origin of the ego.

Therefore, it was the reason why we were expelled of heaven. The virtues ended at the time we eaten the forbidden fruit. “Be fruitful and increase in number” Genesis 1:28 has been wrongly interpreted. In stead of virtues has been considered procreation.

Geological Instability.

SAW explained those events as well as they are written into Akashic Records. At that time it was a great geological instability. It was a great volcanic activity, and tremendous earthquakes.

Comet Condo hit Earth, and this planet lost geological stability putting in danger the Lemur race.

Lemurs were a highly spiritual and objective race. Their faculties were great and very developed. They understood they were transformer energy machines, and no more than that. They have the Instinctive Center very developed. They were part of heaven; part of the spiritual voluptuously. So, it started between Lemurs a collective disillusion; discourage for living.

Gods knowing this situation, and the possibility existing of collective suicides sent Archangel Sakaki to Earth.

Archangel Sakaki implemented the solution the Lemurs had tail. That tail was not overnight. Through the years started born Lemurs with small tail. More later, new born, such tail increased in size.

That physical tail was the origin of the Kundartiguador organ. This organ gave better geological stability. Remember we are transformers of energy that helps our planet Earth.

Such organ created an illusory fascination. It was again pleasure for life. Sexual act as a sacrament as it was done in appropriate days, in side the temple and managed by the same Gods. The new organ motive a sexual desire a grade they started the sexual act outside the temples and fornication started. The tempting serpent; the sexual power tempted the human being. That igneous potency developed wrongly forward low down creating the Satan tail. So, devil was created, ego was created, and the “I” born.

Extirpation of the Kundartiguador Organ…

That was the situation found the high committee that came to extirpate the Kundartiguador organ. It did not Sakaki come he was one of the four keepers of the universe. Who came now was Seraphim Selectracta and arch physic Eloiso. It was a wrong calculus of time. The longer time of the Kundartiguador organ created a double nature; spiritual nature, and ego nature. Also, faculties got atrophied due the abuses. The spiritual powers were lost.

White Lodge.

After that, has been several Avatars has been coming for only one purpose; the elimination of the Kundartiguador organ, the elimination of the ego. The first one, coming from planet Venus was Sanat-Kumara. He created the White Lodge. Later Asiat Asianat came, and some other avatars.

Creation and Gestation of Egos.

The crystallization of the negative fohat is the base of the creation and gestation of the “I”. The gestation of the egos is very similar to the gestation of the human being. The gestation of the ego is done in the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the energetic plastic mediate. The low abdomen very closed to the sexual center is a powerful keeper of sexual energy. The solar plexus is full of sexual hydrogen SI-12. The egos, the “I” are psychological representations. They are idioplasmic ideas. Those egos can be so strong they can convert into possessions. From all the egos the lust is the strongest. Due the force that created egos the mind can not eliminate them. Egos are a superior force.

“Egos are crystallizations of the negative sexual fohat”. SAW.