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The Origin of Man

No 29

Debris of Ancient Civilizations.

We Mr. Darwin disagree. So, let’s review the work of SAW. For example, from where we came? Who we are? We are more than 5000 million of inhabitants. How it is possible some are black, other yellow, other white, different colors, size and shapes. All of them in characteristics very defined.
Also, they try to teach us the ancient civilizations were ignorant. However, there are archeological ruins not so easy to make them. Not going too far; the Romans did very good jobs meaning they were not fool. However, according evolution and involution law they fall.

How can we Investigate our Origins?

In order to know our origin is necessary of faculties that a common and normal person does not have. That is the same thing I can read any information. So, it is the same manner we do not have the faculty to go to the Library of the Register of nature. The Memories of Nature where the Past and Future of all of that is. Nature has Memory. The day the scientifics discovers that and such day is not far away. Than with sensible instruments from the physic world they can analyze those records. Those records did not invent them SAW. Those were known from ancient times as well as for the esoterism. Mayas and Aztecs had great knowledge about those records. They explained that in a simple and childhood manner but with wisdom.

Life comes from Absolute; from Chaos.

We can say the true origin is in the Chaos. Chaos in us is the ovule and the sperm that get reunited in Chaos. In the Chaos plants, beast, men are created. Cabalists name Absolute to the Chaos. Chaos is the origin and the ending of all. At the end everything gets back to the same Chaos.

The ancient theology said everything has its origin in the womb of our cosmic mother. Alpha and Omega, the Mayan called Mani, the Aztecs called “Yaulli Ehecatl”; darkness and wind that are all in the Chaos. For the Hindustani is Prakiti. Everything has its Iliaster; seed of creation and its counterpart in the Absolute. When the Christic fire touch and remove the iliasters those generate the worlds. Of course between the christic touch and the humanity there in the physic there are a series of metamorphosis and changes. That are recapitulations in the same manner the human fetus does.

The Seven Rounds.

As a matter of fact there are several rounds, several recapitulations. Between one and other can pass several million of years. Before we said that a recapitulation was first mineral, later vegetal, eteric, and finally physical. That is the way the fetus gets its process.

In the same manner, before this physic humanity was its creation in the previous plane. So, the physical was created before in the mental plane. Later that humanity came down from the mental plane to the astral plane. Then in a third round from the astral it passed to the vital plane; than in a fourth plane passed from vital to physic plane. So, finally it reaches the physical plane. SAW said that in that plane the humanity was angelical, and the actual humanity is only elementals of nature. Therefore, the angels from the previous plane are today archangels, and so forth. Between round and round always there is a small cosmic night.

The 7 Terrestrial Races.

1. – Polar or Protoplasmatic Race

The first race inhabited earth was of eteric nature; semitransparent. Even the same planet was not solid like it is now; it was eteric too. Everything was semi physical, semi gaseous. The color of the Protoplasmatic, or polar was dark almost black. It is not hard to imagine a race of bright color that does not touch the soil. Black race are their direct descendents as it was proven by scientifics that investigated the human skin. As time is passing a lot of thing has been asserted of the observation done by SAW.

That race inhabited what today are the Nordic countries. They called their isle Abalon or Thule . The constitution of the Protoplasmatic can allowed being giant or so small like a dot. Their reproduction was cellular as it is today; we inherited that from them. But with the difference of phisioparism from one being two can got: they were androgens, from two four can get, and so for.

The Aztec Calendar or Solar Stone of the Aztecs speaks about those races. They said the first race was devoured by tigers. They made reference about the tiger with wisdom. This race gave pass to the second race. Aztecs as well as Romans had their tiger and leopard knights. For them that was a grade of wisdom.

Archangel Uriel was the rector of this race and he left them the runes.

2. – Hyperboric Race.

A lot of years later the second race came, the hyperborean race. They inhabit part of the actual North Pole and Siberia making a horseshoe form. It is speak about them like the ancient Arcadia . They were between physic and eteric body and they floated above the soil too. Their fauna was a mix of kingdoms; between vegetal and animal, and between vegetal and animal.

They get reproduced by sprout. Their babies sprouted like a branch. The pulled it out at certain time and that was a child. They were very spiritual as well as warrior like by nature. They made their wars of spiritual kind. They were conducted by the Gods directly. They felt the spiritually. For example, when the saw a forest they did not see it like us. They did see the trees, its elemental, and all the eteric structure. When they saw other planet they can see the life there. That race finishes some involution other evolution. The old Aztec said about them “They were swallowed by hurricanes”. Those the evolved passed to the astral. Those that involved got converted in monkeys. Even at this day, said SAW, there are Protoplasmatic and Hyperboric beings in some places very hidden.

3. – Lemur Race

Later the Lemur Race came. They were more physic and etheric and touched the floor. Definitively, a lot of years have passed. This race was very spiritual and with less powers than the Hyperboric. They have contact with heaven too. This race was androgens -hermaphrodites too. They were giants between 6′ and 18′. Their country as closed where Australia is today and it is said there were 64 million habitants. They lived in a volcano zone in the Pacific Ocean .

They reproduced by gemmation. The ancient Nahuatls said in their children alike language “They converted into birds”. These hermaphrodites fertility and producing something like an egg that they brought in the calf. Primitive hermaphrodite men reproduced by “spores”, and those spores used to detach from the calves of the legs. The calves are extremely erotic, and that is why every man feels sexually attracted to the woman who has beautiful calves. The terrestrial and celestial forces meet there, combining mutually.

The physiognomy was a conic head product of the glands very developed. They were not afraid death. They simple waited for death.

This race was of transition because from there we are now this race. This race suffered a lot of changes. The real men of this race could to separate from their machine part, and they did not. They knew perfectly that they were part of the Earth planet like captures, processor and retransmit of cosmic energy. This race almost failed because understanding and knowing all they lost interest for living. In the race happen the expulsion of heaven as it said in the Bible. As a matter of fact this race fallen in mass and with them a lot of angels too; between them was Samael Aun Weor. In this race happen what the Bible says “He took one of the man’s ribs” Genesis 2:21-22. That is practically the sex division; man and woman. Remember they had the two sexes; hermaphrodites. The sex, because it is sacred was conducted to special places by the Kumaras – Masters. From there it is still the costume that the new married go to their “honey moon”.

They had tremendous powers and can distinguished one Holtapamna – 5,000,000 sort of color. Also, they could hear the Nirionossiano, which is the sound of the spheres. The sound of the same universe; the rest is the Anahat. Also, their language had a lot of vocals and much more of consonants than the actual alphabet.

However, this Lemur race; this continent Mu finally fallen in degeneration. For more or less 10,000 years they live tremendous earthquakes until Lemuria disappeared.

4. – Atlantis Race

While Lemuria was disappearing Atlantis emerged. This race and civilizations was very yearning due their splendor. There are Scientifics speaking about lost links, Darwin, fossil men, and so on. However, that was a laboratory degeneration of the Atlantic Scientifics. The same Native Americans speak about ancient splendors; they lived there. The Atlantics were between 6′ and 9′ height; red, white, yellow, and black in skin colors including the silver color which extinguished for complete.

Russians, at the north of the Azores filmed traces of a city. Such 25 minutes video made reference about the Atlantis.

The Greek Mythology is 100% Atlantean. Even the bull fight belonged to Atlantis. Plato spoken about the Atlantean; the famous guanches of the Canaries Islands , some tribes of Morocco are of Atlantis origin. The liturgical language of Tibet is of Mayan origin. “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabactani” Mark 15:34 is of Mayan origin. The Mayan was of Atlantis origin.

The Atlantean had control over the fourth dimension. The Divine Law putted halt on them and their involuted. However, they were superior in transportation, medicine transplanting brains, and glands. They were even better as it is this humanity. Concerning robotic they implanted elementals into the robots making them very intelligent. The same developing they had sunken their country due to the atom. They had the China syndrome; linking atom reaction out of control. In one night Atlantis sunken and the majority of inhabits die. Some of them knowing the catastrophe got apart. They were the Akaldan Society. Their emblem was the Sphinx with their four elements and their four virtues. Head – man’s intelligence. Wings – spirituality. Legs – tenacity and will. Claws – skill and sharp.

Some of them immigrated to what they called Cairona – Egypt and created new cities. Their sage men went to Tibet predicting a series of cataclysms. The first one was at the 300,000 yeas. The second one was at the 80,000 years. The third one was at the 11,000 years. What the Bible says about Universal Flood was a series of cataclysms. Later the sage men went to a region of the Central Asia where it was going to be the first new race. Saw said the Turian – tenebrous beings sneaky into the new settling.

5. – Arian Race

From the settling of the Atlantic born the fifth race; the Arian Race; this race born from a mix with the Nordics inferior in height as well as in nobleness.

Each race has seven sub races according the Law of the Seven. The first sub race was in Central Asia . The second sub race was India and China . The third sub race was in Egypt . The fourth sub race was Romans and Greeks. The Fifth sub race was Europe . The sixth sub race was the Latin Americans. The seven sub race is United States .



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