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The Occult Side of Our Psychological Moon

No 28

Objective; Unexpected Defects.

Up to now we have been seen and speaking about palpable psychological defects. Those can be Ire, Gluttony, Lust, Laziness, Envy, Covetous, and Pride. However, there are their ramifications, roots that are the occult side of our psychological moon. The objective of the Gnosis is the persons get his or her self realization. For that, it is necessary to awake consciousness in a continuous and deep way. So, it is need to know who we are. That implies to see ourselves who really we are and how we are with our own psychological defects. Because we have defects that we not even know.

Psychological Country.

As a matter of fact we can say we live in a psychological country. That is the country, the place we can say we inhabit while we dream. That country is exactly the same as the physical country is. If the physical country has cities; the psychological has too. If the physical country has neighborhoods and streets; the physiological country has too. If the physical country has houses with furniture; the psychological country has too. If the physical country has bordellos, bar, and filthy places; the psychological country has too. If the physical country has caves, thieves, assassins, rapists, prostitutes; the psychological country has too. Maybe we do not know the obscure side of our psychological country. However, that does not eliminate the possibility that that happen in our psychological country. The external is the internal and vice versa. In the same way in the physical country we have good and bad friends in the psychological country too. Some times we live closed to the sea, others we live in filthy neighborhoods; even in the physical world we live in a residence. Or maybe in the psychological country we live in a bordello y en the physical country we live in an honest and clean residence. The psychological country has unforeseen corners.

Physical Moon.

It is known the physical moon has a visible side that constantly is seen in the earth. However, also it is an occult side that never is seen on earth.

Psychological Moon.

In the same manner, our psychological moon has two sides. To the visible side belongs the notorious defects; visible and palpable egos. In the invisible side are the psychological defects we can not see; we not even know about them.

So, it is needed to be very man or very woman to see those visible defects from our psychological moon. Those are the seven capital sins; its ramifications are very many.

Now imagine what is needed to see the egos belonging to our invisible moon.


In that occult side of our psychological moon are the causes, the origins of our errors. For example, any day we see our neighbor buying a new car, and we noticed that. Some time later, soon we want to buy a new car too even without need it. Some times we choose something similar or even better.

The secret spring of the action was in ourselves, very deep which motive us to do it. Maybe we justification that, however, being honest with ourselves we could notice it was envy. So, in the same way in the purchase of the new car it was a secret spring in the daily activities could be other triggers.

The false photo of us is the group of actions of the egos. The photo is false because we believe of us something it is not true. We can say I fulfill the needs of my wife or husband. Or I only expend the indispensable. I do not quarrel nobody nor fight. I do my job, and so on. I am almost a saint. However, remember our world is very limited and not centered in the consciousness. More or less the average of consciousness is 3%. So, the rest, the 97% is in the dark. For example, a fish will think his fish tank its all; so, we are the same.

We project in our like our invisible side of our psychological moon. We see defects in others we have them very deep in the bottom our dark side. We see badly in others what we have it very hidden; psychological relativity; electricity, magnetism two similar get repelled. Therefore, one own ego respells the similar neighbor’s ego. Mechanic antipathies could come. John Doe is bloody; in reality we are that too. My pride crushes with the pride of so and so. Our alike is our mirror. A full mirror can help us to see our occult and invisible side.

We are bad connected. In the world of the relations there are three basic aspects.

  1. Ourselves; when we do not have good relationship with ourselves we get illnesses.
  2. Our alike; if we do not have good relationship with alike we have problems, divorces, suits, and so on.
  3. Our psyche; if we do not have good relationship with our psyche we have no spirituality, we are really far away of God.

So, any bad relationship gets us out of place.

Light in the Consciousness.

The Self Inner Knowledge helps us to eliminate mechanic reactions. In that way we make light in the 97% of our dark side. Making light is knowledge; trough knowledge we demonstrate the mechanic. By consequence; we eliminate mechanic reactions. It is made light in several forms. For example, we react mechanically answering when we are said hypocrite. Maybe there is reason on that. If someone said to me hypocrite a reason could be. Only the simple fact to think the possibility that can be a reason we place our consciousness. In that way we just started a change.

With that matter, we start to erase our false photo of ourselves. More work like that will eliminate that false photo and get out of that psychological room.

When we know that we project on others it is wise to see the other point of view. The Indian apache said that in order to know about someone you have to wear his moccasins for one moon. If we see the other’s point of view is possible to feel our alike in ourselves. What we can say about the Christian who can not feel the alike in himself. That is to do the psychological gym. When we learn to see our alike the critic disappears and even the psychological song too.

Crystallize 2o Logos.

Next step, with a superior octave the crystallization of the 2o Logos comes. That is the same Christ. How Christ will crystallize; the 2o Logos in ourselves? Just receiving the unlikely and unpleasant manifestations with pleasant. That is really hard, but it is. For example, John Doe did not want to salute me – “what he thinks he is?” Maybe he has his reasons, better accept it, and that is it. Here the idea is not justify. But to recognize the fact not to salute and be polite we have the same problem. Recognize we are not organized in order to accept the disorganization. Recognize we are rude person in order to accept the rudeness. Because if we do not know us; if we are not capable to receive pleasant the unlike, and that only accepting us, knowing us, no justification that is the way to crystallize the 2o Logos. That is the force of the Christ, the neutralizing force.

Knowing the Occult Side.

Little by little we start to light up our inner. The self inner knowledge is light and the self observation helps us to extend that light. So, when we do not see visible reasons the solution is in our occult side of our psychological moon.

The intimate self observation does not bear, but we make it. SAW said the life is a series of psychological impressions, and we do not live if we do not alive them. That is self observation. Observing is not interiorly, but also around us, and who are with us. We lost our capacity of amazing. Nothing moves us or touch. Everything looks bored. We do not want to observe because we give all for known.

Therefore, we must to know how to observe diving us in the parts;

  1. ourselves.
  2. our environment.
  3. the purpose of objective.


We are the main impedance for the intimate work. The root and cause is the self consideration, and its effect is the justification, the excuse, and the evasion.

Our own intimate nature rejects any change, and even more when there are no visible defects. Justification. I will do that in other way. Excuses. I didn’t know, nobody told me, I wasn’t there. Evasion. the psychological “I” always want to be behind the door. All of that is self consideration.

When it is psychological change something has been forward, and other impedances will come. When there is a psychological change everything around us changes too, and a lot.

It is necessary to be strong and intelligent in order to handle those changes. We change; however, our surrounding does not change so fast. At the beginnings that change it is only a fissure, and later that will be an abysm. It can be the judgment of our friends that do not understand our internal changes, and see us ugly. They probably could believe our moral had changed for bad when in reality is the contrary. The false moral exists everywhere.

That is also to brake mental bottles that impedance our psychological work. For example, they do not want to consider the self observation because the religion does not mention it. That is when in reality they do not even notice the surroundings.

If all of those persons with mental bottle know about the Paramita Code that judges the Tibetans will make crazy them. However, that code of moral is very above ours. Because that code it is based 100% in the consciousness and not in the personality.

In order to crystallize
1a. Force Obey the Father
2a. Force Accept the unlikely
3a. Force Transmutation

Bible reference:

  • Genesis 5:3
  • John 8:44
  • Luke 11:29
  • Marcus 5:9