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The Necessity to Change the Way of Thinking

No 23

We need to re-educate ourselves mainly intellectually. Work with the mind and sentiment and never with the inferior. Re-educate is not a brain wash.

Even knowing this knowledge if we do not change our old structures and obsolete thinking when we meditate; when we think, when we mantra, inner-self remember, that could be self deceive.

Constantly, it is necessary to revalue, to replace, self revolution; that is the life itself. To be in the same, static, no change means entropy.

First, we need to start with the intellectual and emotional centers. Revolution means reorganization. For example, it will be absurd to start with the motor or sexual centers because that will bring us to an absurd faquir.

It is necessary to change the way of thinking. The psychological structures because are expired are not go in according neither the Gnostic teaching nor moral. It is worthless to speak about ego if allied with the same; save or transmute energies, or sacrifice for our alike. If you read Luke 5:36 “No one tears a patch from a new garment and sews it on an old one. If he does, he will have torn the new garment, and the patch from the new will not match”. And “no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined.” Luke 5:37. So, the new teaching is not possible into expired mind.

We have to eliminate the negative emotions because they convert us into liars. The lie keeps us far away from the Father who is in secret. In the same manner concerning electricity; a false connection brings light to a wrong place. Therefore, the negative emotions bring our energy to a wrong place.

Deep in our bottom in one way or the other like us the always mental habits; obscure feelings and same reasoning system. All of that without using the Consciousness Dialectic; Bible says “Leave the death ones bury they deaths”. Which deaths are those? only the death of spirit.

It could say there are different ways of thinking. Each one of us can think as you want. However, due to the sleeping consciousness any way of thinking is wrong. However, everybody thinks he is correct. All of that comes from the ego. There is no original way of thinking.

Where is the Consciousness?

That is the question. The Consciousness processes in virtue of its own conditioning. The Consciousness does not think. It is part of the Being and like that its process is according its conditioning; only the laconic action of the Being – no reasoning. To say if the Consciousness has been used; the question is how many times. We must learn how to approach where the Consciousness must be placed. Where is our Consciousness there we will be. Reading this; our Consciousness must be here too. If that is in that way, good; because our Consciousness could be at home, at work, at the bar, and here only is the personality. Therefore, where our Consciousness is we will be there too. Consciousness processes according the home, the work, the bar, and so on. Wherever we place our Consciousness there will be processed. Not necessary where our physical body is.

In the process to revalue the way of thinking is necessary to consider what an authentic boddhisattwa is. A boddhisattwa has certain level of mastery. However, the boddhisita, which is the same Consciousness not necessary, will give the range of authenticity. That could be possible confronting the Consciousness. So, in that way the living experience reverberates and helps in next existences.

A boddhisattwa is that person who created the astral, mental, and causal body. According the Buddhism of the Mahayani is boddhisattwa who has not been sacrificed for the humanity and renounced to the Nirvana. Prayteca is who has the astral, mental, and causal bodies neither sacrifices nor work for the humanity. Boddhisita is the Consciousness developed and awaked.

The appearance happiness of this world is where the real happiness does not exist; because we are attached to everything. Changes, multiple combinations of this and that, karma causes, and some think to freedom just with an automatic going and coming. That must help us to change the way of thinking because those details we must live with the consciousness. In that way we find the program factor of thinking through the meditation.

The base for that great reality is the Way of the Teaching. Knowing that could be possible to do the correct work. In all of this help the mediation correctly with the interior mind and passivity.

The change of the way of thinking is adjusts and reevaluations continuously just like the orthodontia of the teeth is.

“Without changes there is nothing” “The highest way of thinking is no thinking”. SAW