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The Mysteries of Adan and Eve

Speaking about Adam and Eve the first thing that comes to the mind is the allegoric picture of a man and a woman almost naked in a garden.  As a serpent slowly slithers down a tree, Eve takes an apple in her hand while Adam is at the expectative.  Both Adam and Eve were about 8ft in height, white skin and blonde hair. It is said the serpent tempted Eve into sin taking the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Good and the Evil.  For that reason they were expelled from Paradise.

However, it is said such event happen approximately 379 centuries ago in the Isle of Eden in a paradise place by the Mediterranean Sea. A place that with time it was devoured by natural cataclysm.

Adam and Eve are symbolic name and they were divine personages.  They were truly Son and Daughter of God and immortals by nature.  Upon their arrival to this planet they had already worked and acquired sufficient extensive experience on another planet.

So, their divine mission was to guide and instruct inhabitants of this planet, and soon their descendents marry the natives.

The natives were amazed that Eve received attentions and responsibilities as well as the man had.  The natives considered women-mothers only as the mechanism for fetal development and to feed babies once they were born.  due The natives of this planet were very distant of God, as a result, Adam and Eve had a lot of work in their divine mission Just like V. M. Samael Aun Weor explained the Solar Hierarchy had fallen and was .  Therefore, the existent conditions at that time proved many adversities to the Sons of God; Adam and Eve.

The divine mission found in this planet no Govern and a total chaos, as well as a lack of spirituality. The efforts of Adam were enormous.  He though as much as they could understand and that was just a little.  The more intelligent races of the planet just they wait anxious to marry the descendents of Adam and Eve.

A century after the arrival of Adam and Eve the problems were the same.  There was little progress. The native races can not make outside the abnormal and degenerative.   They have not yet purged the late and defective stumps; they still held the same spiritual obscurity as well as a very low mental and moral decay.  Due to the same rebellion of Angels, Adam and Eve did not received assistance of the Solar Hierarchy.

The Evil intensified his job, and yet saw nothing was happening with Adam he tried his hand with Eve.  Recall that just after the arrival of Jesus the Christ, the Evil could be controlled.  The intentions of the Evil were to do evil.  Eve never had intentions to do any wrong against Adam, nor to put the Divine Mission in danger.  However, Eve felt the time passed and no advances at all.

The Evil saw he could not tempt Adam or Eve he then tried within their inert circle.  Always the woman seeks fast results instead of long term planning.  Eve had been previously made aware about the existent dangers and not leaves along his consort, she had also been advised neither to try secret methods nor approved.  She had been followed those rules for more than a century.  So, she did not see any danger about the constant visit of Serapatatia, who was a chief of the native tribes.

Serapatatia and his tribes always were of tremendous help during the first days of Eden.  He always was honest and labored faithful jointly in all plans of Adam and Eve.  One day Serapatatia while talking to Eve thought while they were waiting the number of daughters and sans of Adam and Eve increase an important number and engender could be possible to initiate something with members of his tribe.  Serapatatia argued his tribe was more advanced, cooperative as well closer to Eden.  Offering the possibility of a close community based willingness. Serapatatia was in good faith, however, often that is the way the evil works.  Serapatatia as well as Eve were very impatient and they wanted fast results. The 100 year waiting time seemed too long. For years they developed a  plan in secret.

Finally Eve agreed to have a secret talk with Cano.  He was very attractive and had a brilliant mind. The fatidic act occurred on a Fall night.  Cano believed in the plan of Serapatatia.  Eve believed in flattering, enthusiasm, and personal persuasion, she agreed to the plan with the addition of her own beliefs. Such polygamy was not permitted in the Eden.

Adam knew all of that from the same Eve.  The Angel Solonia, the Angel of Eden reproached such offense to the oath of The Universe Sovereign.

Eve had practiced good and the evil.  The good is the execution of the divine design.  The sin is the delivery of offense to the divine will.  The evil is the wrong adaptation to the design and the wrong adjustment to the techniques that result in the universal disagreement and the universal confusion.

A lot of time when Adam and Eve took produce from the tree of life; they had been warned about the Evil in the sense to combine the good and the evil than be converted in simple mortals and will die.  The project to modify the divine plan was sincere and the reasons sublime for the welfare of the world. Therefore, an act of the evil is the wrong way for the divine designs even if they are just purposes.

The offense was done.  The next day, in despair Adam looked for Laotta and committed the same offense as Eve, Adam did not fool himself he knew what he was doing.  V.M. Samael Aun Weor said “the great beings really know to love”.  Adam wanted to be true to himself he decided carry the same punishment as Eve.

What happen later was a blood bath by the angered tribes closed to Eden, Serapatatia and Cano lost their lives.
Days later, Adan and Eve were not accused of rebellion against the Altissimo, but reduced their status to mortals.  The Evil wanted the rebellion.  In full flesh, Angel Gabriel ordered the sentence.

After they left the Eden two children were born, Cain and Sansa. Cain was a son of Eve and Cano.  And Sansa was daughter of Adam and Laotta.   Eve in her mortal status suffered in the deliver, however, Laotta died.  Eve assumed motherly responsibilities she fed Cain and Sansa. Two years later Abel was born; son of Adam and Eve.

As time passed, Abel became a shepherd and Cain became involved in agriculture.   Abel sacrificed animals and Cain offered produce.  Abel and Cain were not getting along.  One day Abel’s mockery angered so much he killed his brother Cain. Here we can see the environment was more than the inherence they had.

However, here we found a very important event.  Cain afraid of exile and remorse went to his mother Eve. He asked her for help and spiritual guidance.   During this hard time he also asked divine assistance and guidance in an sincere way the holy spark of his Intimae for the first time came and help him. Later Cain married Remona and his first born was Enoch.

Adam and Eve continue working as much as they could in the design of the Altissimo; everything from culture to better genetic engineering of the races.  The adamic vital plasma was always more immune to illnesses and for the reason immune to aging.

Later, Adam and Eve knew their repentance was accepted, however, they will follow like mortals.  Due their immortality they do not have Intimae.  They trusted in the Resurrection.  However, like mortals they had access to their Intimae.  Adam died 530 years old, and Eve 511 years old. This after worked and living and extreme had conditions.  However, due to their condition with the Intimae they fussed with the Intimae and passed to the Superior Worlds.

The messages of the Altissimo ended; Adam and Eve lived successes and tragedies.  It is true this planet had very serious problems in the psycho logic, physic, and the spiritual way.  The same problems we have today look around to confirm it.  In retrospect, Adam and Eve contributed a lot to the civilization and the welfare of this planet.