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The Fourth Dimension

No 13

The three-dimensional, Euclid space; length, wide, height; however, there are more than that.

In this world live one-dimensional beings. For example worms and other insects only work the first dimension; length is the only one.

The second-dimension animals are those invertebrates who only work large and wide.

So, the man can feel, perceive, and conceptualize.

Therefore, the man can observe “look out” other beings that can not feel, nor perceive, nor conceptualize as the man does. In the same manner, as we can “look out” we can “look up”. Remember W.S. in Hamlet “there are more thing up down than up there”.

There are three-dimensional space, no Euclidian. For example, the railroad at the end, at the infinite, at the end, they get together; they are only one line.

The fourth dimension is the coordinate of the inexplicable, no logic. This is the paranormal or metaphysic phenomena dimension.

We have taken the following phenomena examples from magazines: Inexplicable events like Philadelphia experiment in the WWII. It is known disappearing persons. This experiment was mentioned by local newspapers. They mentioned a ship, the Philadelphia . Such ship was seen in different ports almost at the same time. It is impossible to move from one place to other so fast. Research done by journalists could not find who worked on the ship itself.

Disappearing persons; in 1873 in Lenigton , England the shoemaker Brson bet to run 45 miles. At the middle of the run he slipped out, fell, and disappeared. On November 1878 in Quincy , IL it is said Charles Basworth came out in the snow to water well in his property for some water, and just disappeared. Also, in the China-Japan war in 1939 south to Nankin a complete regiment of 3200 men disappeared without any clue. After such war both parties agreed not to know what happen to them.

“On a summer day of 1809, Benjamin Bathurst, Ambassador of England in the Court of Austria was in a small city of Germany . His chariot stopped before an inn. The Ambassador got off the chariot and walked a few steps -the horses hid his figure for a moment. The innkeeper, the Ambassador’s servants, and some travelers who were present there did not see him again. He never reappeared.”

People penetrating into the past; on August 1941 Leonard Hall one night heard noises came out in order to investigate. He said he saw behind some brushes Indians around a fire just like 400 years ago.

Persons and objects falling into other places; on June 3, 1968 Dr Vidal and wife from Buenos Aires , Argentina attended a dinner with one other couple too. They drove his car to a short distance. At the end of the dinner to ridded the car in order to return home. A short distance a cloud of dust hit the car and leaving it soon discovered the road was not familiar. They stopped the car in order to ask where they are, and the answer was they were a short distance of Mexico City . Short the story, they went to Argentine Consulate in Mexico City in order to return to Buenos Aires . One very interesting thing is the car lost all of its paint.

It is known that there are ghost ships in United States as well as in England , and Canada .

Ghost Triangles in Bermudas, and Japan where ships and aircrafts disappear.

Elemental, short people, gnomes, on May 1958 in Westforth , Ireland in an urban development some electrical poles were unburied. After an investigation they decided to dig somewhere else the affected the poles respecting the place. in order to complete the installation.

Concerning ghost islands; for example Nortrabada, Sarana, San Juan of Lisbon East Madagascar.
Extraterrestrial being, space ships, UFO, flying saucers.
Haunted houses, ghosts.
Psycho phony; unknown voices, voices coming from other dimensions.

Dreams that come true.

Levitations; people, objects that fly as it is well know of Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Steve of Hungary, Saint Thomas of Aquinas, Santa Theresa of Jesus, Santa Isabel of Hungary. All of them are known by their levitations. Because many people do not even know the basics of the matter, we will cite various anchorites that levitated in front of various audiences. We begin with Saint Stephen, king of Hungary , a distinguished medieval lord who died in 1038. He floated in the air one night while praying in his tent.

Then there is Saint Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, a notable man of God, who precisely on Ascension Day, May 17, 988, rose up to the majestic vault of the cathedral.

The following are some remarkable cenobites and renowned ladies of recognized sanctity. Saint Ladislaus of Hungary (1041 – 1095), a renowned anchorite, on a memorable night floated above the ground while praying in the famous monastery of Warasdin. Saint Christina the Astonishing (1150 – 1224) the illustrious mystic, who was assumed to be dead, soared delightfully to the vault of the church in the middle of her funeral rite. Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, a distinguished matron; Saint Edmund; Saint Lutgardis, a famous religious woman; the Blessed Giles of Santarem; the mysterious Margaret of Hungary; the spiritual Saint Dulceline; the noteworthy and famous lord of wisdom, Saint Thomas Aquinas; Saint Agnes of Bohemia, and many others, immersed within the fourth dimension, floated during their ecstasies. These are all extraordinary elevations, magic flights, vertical ascensions, transportations, and ethereal rides at great heights, ecstasies, jubilation and entrancement. Legend says – and human and divine beings know this well – that when our brother Francis of Assisi (1186 – 1226) reached the sunset of his life, his ecstasies in Mount Alvernia intensified. His beloved disciple, Brother Leo, who joyfully brought him food, usually found him in entrancement outside his cave, at considerable heights from the hallowed ground. Sometimes he reached the beech trees and disappeared from sight. He left for the fourth dimension.

It is also worth mentioning – continuing with this mystical scientific debate – that Saint

Catherine dei Ricci (1522-1589), the celebrated stigmatic prioress of Prato , when entering ecstasy, stayed suspended in place. Many other penitents and cenobites, such as Saint Francis of Paola, Saint Peter of Alc’ntara, Saint Thomas of Villanova, Saint Francis Xavier, and others, lifted off the ground in their ecstasies and stayed in the air in front of amazed onlookers. Some famous and extraordinary cases, because of their peculiarity and uniqueness, were those of the mystic Teresa of Avila (1515 – 1582). She, herself, described them in minute detail. She methodically explains how the ineffable, magical power immersed her within the unknown dimension while she prayed. She then floated before the amazed nuns. One day the saint was so high above the ground that no one could administer the host to her. The double levitation of Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross in Mount Carmel of Avila caused astonishment and great amazement. Then the two mystics could be seen in a state of ecstasy in space.

It is said that a pious monk whose name was Joseph of Cupertino rose up in the air seventy times. This magical feat, which took place around 1650, allowed him to be canonized.

The hyper space of Einstein explains for example a trip to Alcione can take 8 hours and a half. The same, from New York to Los Angeles can take more or less 4 minutes. All of this because the hyper space is curve, just like an egg is. The same if we want to cross from one place to other but there is a wall. We will need to go around unless we jump that wall. That is what Einstein explained with his theory and math. The only difference is in this case we jump from one dimension to other.


This could be if we line from D1 to D2. This will be “finite and limited”.

Third dimension; we curve a line almost touching one side to other. This is finite and it can be measured”.

If this same line we closed it in order the have a sphere it will be limited because it has neither end nor beginning. So, we have the fourth dimension.

Really, Mr. Einstein with his mathematics saves tremendous effort to the esoteric explaining very well the fourth dimension.

The revolutionary scientific Gnosticism in this matter affirms the harmonious coexistence of infinity parallel universes. A deep analysis could logically conclude that such universes are not only in the superior dimensions of the space as well as in the infra submerged dimensions.

VM Samael Aun Weor in his book Supreme Christmas Message 1968-1969 “Speaking about antimatter universes”. “that obeys exactly our own laws about matter, however, each particle has an electric charge inverse to matter we know”.

The fourth coordinate has an atomic interaction with the third coordinate. It has been discovered the neutrino, sun radiation has neither charge nor mass, and it is capable to cross any body. On the contrary, lighten photon particles can be stopped by anything.

Also, it has been discovered the neutrino with intermediate weight has laws and different behavior to any thing known. The same thing happens with the meson k, pi, kapa, and mu. Therefore, in this manner we are more closed to the parallel world that get penetrated one into the other without been confused. Each one of them has a different space.

The esoteric world always has known that. Indeed, there are seven dimensions in total. If we study the physic body we will see the same.

The vital body in named in Far East lingam sarira. This body is being base or counterpart of the physic body. If it is amputated a leg or arm the sensation will be the leg or arm is still there. That is due to the vital body is still there.

Also, we have one more body; false or molecular body, astral body, or desire body. This is the unfolding astral body.

The Gnosticism is very practical and gives the necessary ways for direct verification of the fourth dimension. The SOL key is one of them. It was explained in other chapters. The mantram FFFFAAAARRRRAAAAOOOONNNN. Pronounce this is at the time going to bed. This mantram is for astral unfolding. Also, the mantram LLLLAAAARRRRAAAA pronounce this with mysticism.

Live as much as possible the “momentaneous philosophy”. Living from moment to moment, here and now, no past times nor future times. Our mind, our thinking must be where our physic body is. This philosophy will help us to live consciously; by the end our dreams will be more clear and precise.