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The Four Ways

No 19

There are four way of conduct to the divinity. So, the question is which one is the real way to the divinity? We are talking about the way to lead us to God. The Bible does not say many, but difficult and narrow. It is deduced such way is interior and not physic.

In the looking for such way we are capable to look at any part of the world, but inside ourselves. Of course, that is where fewer probabilities to look for are.

Even such way is visible our own interior psychological slavery forbid us to see. We are slave of all; forms, laws, establishment, way of thinking, prejudice, concepts, event, TV.

We have free will, but we ignore it. Florence Nightingale said “it is not what the destiny does, but what we can do.”

Why we born?

Have you ask yourself why we born? The reason to live belongs to the Real Being. It is very interesting and wonderful at the same. The Real Being with all his power and magnificence sends the coarse and minuscule for the Realization. Each one of us has his or her Real Being, and the reason of the Being is the same Being.

Nowadays is as false concept about the Self Realization. How many times we hear interviews of famous and not so famous people. They affirm to be realized just because they get married, or born a child, or wrote a book, or they made a movie.

In ancient times the self realization was something public. There is the Aztecs. when they born they just had a name according the calendar. If somebody born 4 cane that was his name, and he could die with the same name. The name of the person could change if he or she made spiritual and psychological changes. This is why there are many Quetzalcoatl’s; yes some of them with the same name, and this matter confuse the archeologist. Quetzalcoatl is a level of Self Realization of those that born with a name according the calendar and than later with interior work get a second name.

The Self Realization belonged to the primitive solar religion. We need to notice the word religion comes from the Greek word “religare”. This means to put together something separated. This is to put together the man and the Divinity. Nowadays they are not united, the objective is loose.

With the time, the religion has been misunderstood. We remember Atahualpa when Francisco Pizarro had him as a prisoner. From time to time Pizarro asked to bring to his presence Atahualpa just to converse with him. Pizarro was wondered during the conversation each time God was mentioned Atahualpa always turning his head and sight looking for the sun. The same Pizarro skillfully blocked Atahualpa to see the sun. Atahualpa nodded from side to side of Pizarro in order to get the sun.

It is well known how the Spanish conquistadores always considered the worship of the sun, the moon, and the fire of the Mesoamerica Cultures. In reality, the old natives knew all of that were representations of the Divinity and no more.

Little by little the ego took control of the humanity. Therefore, the temples of the Primitive Solar Religion closed their doors. Those were the temples where the initiates got prepared were closed one by one. They closed before they got profaned. Some of those temples passed to the fourth dimension, but some other destructed.

From all of that only debris remains. Remember the old students’ follower of the self realization traveled to remote places like Egypt , Tibet , also with the old Mayans, Aztecs, old Peru , and so forth.

Everything got lost and such wave of destruction started with the burning of the Alexandria ‘s Library. Only were left uncompleted ways.

Monk Way

Each one of that debris is a group of settling. One is the Monk Way . The way of the monk has studies, mystic, religious emotion, cloisters, silence, vow, penitence’s, and so on.

However, they do not have psychological gym. This is very necessary for the self realization. All of them know each other. They loose the circumstances of the life can help us to rise up deep egos.

Also, the wrong interpretation of the Bible concerning the opposite sex; they forget the Elohim. Each real religion has its origin in the correct sexuality. The duality is the base, so, “eloh” is feminine divinity, “oth” is several goods, and “im” is male divinity. Female and male are gods. Man and woman were expelled form Eden together will need to come using the same door from where they were ejected.

Faquir Way

The second way is the Faquir. They are coming from East. They say in order to get the Divinity is necessary to erase the sins. They say the body is the origin of the sins. In order to forgive the sins is need to punish with penitence the same physical body.

Reflecting on that we will see the physical body is an instrument for the self realization. This is a vehicle for the regeneration of the same body. Paul of Tarsus said “The temple of living God not be full of darkness”. Therefore, no torture, but conscious will. The physical body is something borrowed.

Yogi Way

The third way belongs to the yogi and means union. There are several types of yogi. Bakti Yoga looks for the self realization with prayers. Hata Yoga looks for the self realization with body forms. Raya Yoga looks for the self realization with mantras. Kundalini Yoga looks the self realization with tantrism; some could say black, other white, other gray tantrism.

Basically, the yogi looks for powers, which are his business. The problem is with the time the ego takes control of those powers.

Fourth Way

Finally, we have the fourth way. This is the man in balance. Not necessary the other three ways are wrong, but incomplete.

The man of the fourth way does not work under false moral. The man of the fourth way takes the necessary from the monk’s way, from the faquir’s way, and from the yogi’s way. This is the way of the astute man. This is the way of perfect matrimony’s man.

Gurdjieff worked intensely in the fourth way, however, he forgot his Divine Mother. He couldn’t complete the elimination of the go.

This fourth way is an always way, it is not nowadays invent. This way takes the essential of the other ways. This way uses the mysticism of the monk. This way uses the force of the will of the Faquir; for example, the fast in order to clean the organism and see how his psychology works. This way takes what is need from the yogi’s way.

Three Factors for the Revolution of the Consciousness

It is taking the necessary and applying in own flesh the three factor of the revolution of the consciousness; Die Mystically is necessary in order to eliminate our egos. We just remember Jesus the Christ “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24). Deny is subtracting to the ire, to the pride, to the jealous, and so on. Eliminate the egos is not to converting into a machine or automata; only the real come out. All of this is possible studying, knowing, observing, and comprehending the ego. Born mystically also is to study; work intensely in self with the sexual energies. That is to create the marriage cloth that says the Bible. That is to create the existential bodies of the Being that says SAW. The third factor is to work for the mankind. Our conscious will not grow up if also we don’t work for the humanity helping our alike. Helping our alike we help ourselves. Remember the highest law, that one that over helms all others; that is love, but conscious love.

Ref; Luke 9:23