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The Flow of the Sound

No 34

Rhythm of the Life

All vibrate; Law of the Octaves


With all internal or external work there are several ups and downs. This will help us to know what will come in our work and don’t give up.

The life has its origin and a process. This process is in accord ding the musical octaves; Bio-rhythm; that is rhythm of the life, a plan ruled by musical octaves. There are a lot of students of the bio-rhythm of outstanding persons, matters, and even of planets. Those scales are ascending and descending, good and bad times. Those students know everything is vibration. Any impulse generates a flow of sound. After that comes a scale of octaves ascending or descending.

The ancient sages knew that. Schools like the Pythagorics and even other more ancient schools knew about the seven octaves and its reflex in everything; medicine, philosophy, chemistry, and so on.

Discontinuity in the flow of the sound

The same ancient schools knew that there is a discontinuity in the sound. There is no a continuous vibrate line nor ascending, nor descending. For example it starts with 1000 vibrations per second and at the seven notes there are 2000 vibrations per second.

Crisis MI-FA LA-SI

Even between note and note there is a disparity there are pauses and brakes. There are 10 steps, two missing steps. This change in pattern is vital.

Special Shock

This is vital because when a crisis comes we do not know how to solve it and everything falls. There are businesses that enter in crisis due, for example, to new technology, or competition and they do not know to success and fall. The same happen in other areas just like our own life. Not knowing how to give it the special shock everything falls.

Shock to Exist

The law of entropy is octaves downward. Just a few know how to give it a special shock. Without it is a failure. For example, when a baby is delivered and born needs a shock in order to breath. An expired humanity needs a shock in order to change or die. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi knew how to give that special shock to the movement of freedom with the passive resistance.

The Self Realization through the Light of the Genesis

1st Shock = Physical Man

Only the octave of the self realization through the Biblical Genesis – Genesis wrong interpreted as well as the Revelation – Alpha and Omega is wrong interpreted. SAW gave the keys to unveil the seven day of the creation of the micro and macro cosmos;

internal man Adam Kaom.

DO is given by nature; that is the air the first note of the Genesis; heaven and earth (physical body), heaven (world of consciousness).

RE = Formless and empty; psychological chaos as well as darkness (no superior bodies).

MI = Mechanic man. However, in order to pass to the following note; FA note is needed, a double effort, a special shock. If this special shock is not done, in this note MI the process goes back to the previous note DO. In other words the existence is ended and one more time will get a new physical body.

2nd Shock = Real Man

FA = “Let there be light” said the Genesis. This second shock, from note MI to note FA a special effort is needed. “There was light”, before was darkness. The knowledge arrives to the vulgar man; there was light. That light permits the revolution of the Consciousness. Part of this knowledge is to die mystically annihilating the physiological defects.

“Separate the light for the darkness” SAW said “pull out the light = study the “I”. When an ego dies frees consciousness. Darkness is synonym of ignorance.

SOL = “Let there be an expense between the water to separate water from water” “Separated the water under the expense from the water above it”. This separation of water is the second factor of the revolution of the consciousness; this is alchemy, passion for the chastity, elimination of the arsenic sulfur with the work of the mercury.

“Let the land produce.bear fruit with seed” said the Genesis, and this is the benefits of the separation of water.

LA = “So God created man in his own image” Man of the seven day, real man, man with soul. However, alter the note LA there is the possibility to interrupt the self realization. So, there is need one more special shock, and this one belongs to the knowledge.

3rd Shock = Living Man

Being in the note LA in order to continue with the following note is needed a double effort and the knowledge apply.

Occult psychology; everybody has its own occult psychology. This is in the same way the Moon has an occult face we do too. In that occult face we have secrets; psychological aggregates.

SI = Annihilate that occult psychological face is a process of the second mountain; Jude initiation or Jude’s death.

Path of stars or path of James of Compostela, Nicholas Flamel was of them who followed that path. In the internal worlds that is represented with eight stars until to arrive to Compostela. All of that is symbolism; Compo = to receive, Stella = star. That is to receive the Morning Star.

Resurrection is to receive that star. That who die totally (psychological) in self is a living man; resurrect man.

After that it is the seven day; a brake day.

In the musical scale DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI we could find ten steps with two semi tones each but MI-FA and LA-SI where we can find only one semi tone; each crisis.

All impulse has to decline. There is deviation of forces. It is ahead only with special shocks. Each special shock is composed of small shocks.

Entropy, mechanistic can be found in each action. In that we can see the Cuban Revolution and a lot of other revolutions that happen. Also, the same patter we can find it in the political parties that started very well and later get stagnated. In the same manner we find entropy in the religions that started very well and after some time they got stagnated. Some one takes this study for the first time, gets impacted, and after some time gets stagnated. With the time there is no meditation nor mantram, nor interior work, there are no more musical notes. Finally it tedium comes and the abandon of this study.

Energetic Impulse

With the enforced formality is falling the energetic impulse and vice versa.

Is possible to follow a straight line?

And the answer is yes. The three primary forces manifesting them is the base for the ascending line. Positive, Negative, and Neutral; to the positive opposes the negative. The positive force is the self realization. The negative force is the ego. The third force needs to come from the consciousness. In the same manner we have involution, evolution and revolution. Only the consciousness can follows the ascending line; self observation, special will, love for the work, transvaloration, conscious efforts, voluntary suffers.

Resistance = Crisis = it is double

The second force, the resistance, the “I” is what opposes the essence. This resistance is double in intensity. The impulse crushes with nature and this one with the double opposition pushing us to do nothing what the positive impulse says.

Key for the success

That is the capacity to hold down the note mainly between MI and FA and LA and SI.

Select, Change, Will are the steps to follow. The force is so needed and very important is to select properly. Do nothing is no selection at all. Do not select the action to take is a big error. Select the action is to change direction. Logic is do the same nothing will be done. Follow the decision taken is important with strong will.

Super effort is intelligently to choose the selection, the change and follow that with will.

Normal could be nothing comes to our head at the time of crisis. But the Consciousness will provide it.

As we said at the beginning all of this is focused to the self realization of the man through the light of the Genesis. However, in each action we find crisis. In that way we see a lot of businesses, marriages, school studies, government, wars, and all of that suffering entropy. Do nothing, no changes at the time of the crisis. is a failure.


Hymn to Saint John Baptist by John the Deacon XI Century
Ut queant laxis resonare fibris mira gestorum famuli tuorum solve polluti la bii reatum sancte lohonnes
Saint John , in order your slaves can sing with full voice the wonders of your acts, free my impure lips.