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The False Personality

No 27

What is False Personality?…

The false personality born with the time and die with the time. With the time it grows and gets fortified. It is energy that attracts events good and evil. It is the vehicle of manifestation. The Personality is a magnet that attracts from outside to inside. The Personality is ego puppet; we are not free to handle ourselves.

Why it is False?…

It is false for its values as well as for its mechanic. The Personality is False because it does not have its own values; all is coming from outside. The school, family, environment, work, street, neighborhoods are given form to our personality.

Psychological Bases are.

It is illusory values settling in events and circumstances that never touch the consciousness. It is values settled in ambition, egoism, and so on. That does not matter if the personality is strong or weak, because the bases are false too.

Address of the False Personality.

It takes the life as a mean, as a goal, and it does not want to know about changes even understanding mistakes. Life as a mean for purpose and not the life like purpose.

Characteristics of the False Personality.

  1. Search for security based in the fear for tomorrow; what I am going to eat, living? better job, insurance?
  2. Attachment of all kind; woman/husband, friends, family, and so on. Don’t rust Father who is in secret. For fear there is prostitution, wars, robberies. Fear to the new.
  3. Imitation is buying, styles, fashion, collage, friend, marriage, work. We do what other’s do.
  4. Compare our children, family, wife. We even compare our religion for better security and peace of mind.
  5. Personality is like vehicle; however, it is drive by the ego.

Ingredients of the False Personality.

  1. From previous existences we carry on egos that make worst our living.
  2. Exaggerated vain and pride from children; fighting for toys, my dad is better than yours.
  3. Vanity makes us to look happy with cosmetics, fashion. Pride is silence, vanity chats.
  4. Preoccupation; that is to take care before is. We do not live the momentum, the eternal instant
  5. Jealousy; religious, politic, intellectual, sentimental, passion.


The false personality is a great obstacle for happiness; in order to be a man of the fourth way. The false personality is an obstacle to get close to the Being. The elements of the false personality must be eliminated gradually, otherwise we will get affected.


  1. Be conscious and owner of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and words; interior and exterior.
  2. Identification is mechanic. If we separate psychological speaking we can notice of observer and observed. That is if we want to observe the carpet will stand by over. First we need to step down from the carpet.
  3. To learn how to manage center is essential. Ego uses the human machine in order to express. Everyday we use the inferior center; however, we use the superior center for worthless and mundane matters. For example, in meditation we must use the superior center, not the other way around.
  4. Overreacted centers mean internal and external disorder. That is the product of mechanic egos. Relax and see causes are essential for us. We will notice our mind travels everywhere from past to future, but not at home (body).
  5. Go deep in thoughts and we will notice the superficial, mechanic, and our sleeping state. Think deep is objective.
  6. Get stagnated can be a cause very deep, and that maybe from previous existences.”Only in patience possess the soul” says the Bible. Also it is said “Paying tithe” – paying karma due wrong causes we can we go further.
  7. “Emotional crisis normally we have to suffer” said SAW. Sometimes it is necessary to tear drop in order to eliminate egos.
  8. Transform Consciousness on having crushed False Personality.

We need.

  1. Self Observation attention and continuously
  2. No longer be machines
  3. To establish this teaching in the hear passing first for the mind. Because for osmosis we are not going to do nothing but self deceive.

Continuity of Purposes.

  1. It is keeps the essence as the magnetic center continuously.
  2. Free of the false personality; parents constantly are calling the son for attention in order to avoid deviations.
  3. Establish the third state of consciousness is fundamental; the self observation must be continuously as the only way to crush and annihilate egos.
  4. “The new born is as far as from sky to earth” said SAW. The new born live in inner self remember. However, with school, family, environment they passed to vigil state. That is something like from sky to earth.