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The Chakras and the Churches

No 17

The man is physic body, astral body, and spiritual body.

We have physic body because we born with it. We possess the soul; however, today we do not possess it. This is something like to have money in the bank and we can not use it nor enjoy it. The spirit is for ever.

The astral body and the internal senses are into a superior dimension and must be conscious functions. However, those are disorganized and degenerated. The interior work and the transformation of the impressions as well as the meditation can help for a better situation.

In the same manner we perceive through our five senses and that is a function of the physical body; the extra perceptions are a function of the fourth dimension body. However, if there is no develop in the fourth dimension we do no know about the lack of that.

The chakras are vortices of energy and those belong to the fourth dimension. The chakras in the majority of the persons are inactive and by consequence there is no extra perceptions at all.

Three Nervous Controls

There is a triple nervous control in our physical body. However, this is the base of our fourth dimension body too.

The triple nervous controls are the base of our plexus.

Spine cerebral nervous system handles the conscious functions. This system nowadays has not enough force due to degeneration.

Grand simpatico nervous system handles the instinctive. This system nowadays is too degenerated and works to its lower capacity.

Para simpatico nervous system handles the mental and regulates the grand simpatico.

These three nervous systems can be in balance and harmonize them with meditation and with the transformation of the impressions.

The plexus and the septennial glandular; chart we provide is primarily created by the law of the three and organized by the law of the seven.

The plexus is nervous central feed by veins. The plexus have their root in different point of the spinal column. The chakra is the energetic exponent of the proper glandule. And the glandule is its laboratory.

Glandule Plexus Chakra Church Faculty Mantra P Virtue Element
Pineal Coronary Sahasara Laodicea Polividencia I 972 Chastity
Pituitary Frontal Ajna Philadelphia Clairvoyance I 96 Tolerance
Thyroid Larynx Vishuda Sardis Magic hearing E 16 Word
Heart Cardiac Anahata Thyatira Intuition O 12 Faith/hope Fire
Liver Solar Manipura Pergamos Telepathy U 10 Domin Air
Prost/matrix Prostate Swadistana Smirna Unfolding M 6 Resign Water
Sex Sacroiliac Muladara Ephesus Hyper sensibility S 4 Patience Earth

Besides the above we need to add on the pulmonary chakra; remembering the previous existences and its mantra is “A”.

Also, it is other important chakra this is the liver; astral unfolding and its mantra is “G”.

We make the observation the chakras belong to the fourth dimension, so, at the time of death the chakras disappear.

We said early the chakras are energy vortices and its nutrition is prana. Pana is the eteric vitality of the environment and of the cosmos. Therefore, the better the chakra works the better the health could be. Everything is related.

If we practice Pranayama we will notice the enormous relation between breathing and circulation of energy. That process makes a better life as well as the will. Definitively, the prana magnetizes and electrifies our body. The good functionalism of our chakras help us to need less food and as well as less cloth during winter.

The energy flows through channels called nadis. It is say it is between 70,000 and 350,000 nadis in our body.

The three main nadis are ida, pin gala, and susuma. These three nadis have their root in the equine cauda; this means “root – egg”. This nerve center is between the genitals and the anus.

Ida and pingala are two nadis starting from testicles – ovaries ending in the nasal cavities and figure out an eight figure across the spinal column.

Susuma is a nadis running through and inside the spinal column. Inside susuma run other six more nadis. That is one inside the other and so fourth. Susuma is the channel for the kundalini fire. Kundalini remains coiled three and a half times in the coccyx.

Susuma is where the seven churches are. Those are called too.

  • The seven lotus flowers of the yogh has
  • The seven lights of the Hebrew chandelier
  • The seven churches of Far East of the early Christians
  • The seven roses of the Rosicrucian
  • The seven dwellings of the interior castle of the Carmelite Order
  • The seven planets of the astrology

Those seven churches, or under other name have their opening in susuma. The interior work is the base for that opening.

The development of the chakras, the churches, the interior faculties; if are not handled correctly can bring us to an inferior psyche. That means some powers, but incomplete. This inferior psyche can bring us to make serious mistakes. Here what is looking for is the superior psyche. The superior psyche is embraced by the same consciousness.

Indeed the development of the churches only is possible with the mystic death; with the annihilation of the ego. The churches only can be open with the faculties of the heart; with the development of the kundalini and the merits of the heart.

The Guardian Angel of the Efeso Church “I know thy works, and thy labor, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil and thou hast tried them which say they are Apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars.” Revelation 2:2 – 2:5 – 2:7

The Guardian Angel of the Smirna Church “He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches; he that overcometh shall not be hurt of the Second Death.” Revelation 2:9 – 11

  • The Guardian Angel of the Pergamo Church ; Revelation 2:13-17
  • The Guardian Angel of the Thyatira Church ; Revelation 2:19-23 and 2:26-27
  • The Guardian Angel of Sardis Church : Revelation 3:1-6
  • The Guardian Angel of Philadelphia Church; Revelation 3:10 and 3:11, also 3:12-13
  • The Guardian Angel of Laodicea Church; Revelation 3:15-16, 3:20, 3:21, 12:1, 12:2, 10:1, 10:3, 10:7
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