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The Awake of Consciousness

No 5

What is Consciousness?

The word Consciousness is misunderstood. Between some persons it is said “they have consciousness in order to say they know”. Persons who are good it is said “they have consciousness”. The fighting boxer who is KO it is said “lost consciousness”. Also, the sight as well as the hearing, the sense of smell are considered as consciousness. Even waking up in the mornings is considered as consciousness.


Therefore, the consciousness is misunderstood with the sense. Also, it is misunderstood with the mental attitude, or with the intellect, and the memory. Also, the consciousness is misunderstood with the false religious moral. It is said “there are acts against his or her consciousness”. That confuses us because for a Muslim to have two wives is correct. However, for a Christian that is unmoral and goes against his consciousness.

Gnostic Opinion

Gnosticly, it is said “the Consciousness is an apprehension faculty for the cosmic realities”. It is a Superior Faculty of the Being. The Consciousness allows us to capture that what is call GOD. The Consciousness is a hundred percent revolutionary. Our consciousness is the only way to distinguish the middle path the Buddha taught. However, our Consciousness! SLEEPS! because it is an asleep faculty.

The Buddha during his marriage, celebrating the birth of one of his children and disobeying his father got out of the palace. The first thing he found was an ill man. That shocked him. So, he returned to the palace and meditated about that. Next time going out of the palace he found and old man. He was shocked again. For the next time going out of the palace he found a funeral, and one more time he was shocked. One more time he got out of the palace and in this time he found a monk. He saw him happy even though the monk was poor. One more time he meditated deeply and comprehended the process of the life.

It is said in the Orient life is “maya”, because it is illusion.

Calderon de la Barca said in one of his stories about a king with a son. That son was quarrelsome and disobedience. The king asked advice what to do concerning his son. The advice was to give his son a potion putting him to sleep and bringing him to life with peasants. The idea was to make him believe he born poor in order to teach him how the poor life was. The king agreed and the son was put to sleep and brought to peasants. When the son woke up in the middle of humble and poor peasants he asked “where am I, where are the servants, what happen to the palace?” The answer was “here is your house, which servants, which palace?” After several weeks the son got well along with the humble and poor life turning obedient. The hiding advisers of the king thought it was time to bring him back to the palace. One more time they gave a potion to the son putting him to sleep and returned him to the palace. The son woke up and asked “where is the hut, the peasants? The answer was which hut, which peasants? So, in that way, they changed his life.

More or less that is what happened in the Thousand and One Night about the Sultan and the Beggar interchanging places. So, we accept the life as it is.

Four Types of Consciousness

Eikasa or Deep Dream

The first state of consciousness is eikasa or deep dream. Its characteristic is the instinctive world. It is a deep sleep just like “post mortem”. The drugs and alcoholism are part of the state of consciousness. A lot of crimes and accidents happened here. For example, the guy who killed John Lennon did not even noticed he killed him.

Pistis or Vigil

This is the second state of Consciousness. In this state is the majority of the humanity. Here, in the morning, it is just like we wake up consciousness. However, it is a false wake up. Here the sleep during the night continues during the day. Here we make a lot of errors. The process of sleep is basically in three stages. Identification is the first one. This identification could be exterior as the fashion is, or could be interior as the anchorite is. Fascination is the second one. Fascination is the process of the identification. We are hooked up to the identification. For example; we answer aggressions with other insults, and so on. The third stage is sleep. We remain sleeping until other event comes. Also, it is other form of identification “indifference” (we will later see about this). There is lack of will to avoid the identification. There is no school teaching about the force of will. Basically, we forget about ourselves.

However, why do we get identified? The answer is there are hypnotic real forces to keep us in that state. Those forces combined with our kundartiguador organ, and some laws process us. Later we will see this in detail.

Dianoia or Auto Consciousness

Indeed, forget of us versus remember of ourselves must be continuous. The effort to remember must be deep and continuous. Lack of attention at any moment means the forget of us. To pass from the Pistis level to Dianoia level is because it was surpassed some laws as well as the center of our human machine are in balance. The energy is needed in order to be “awake” its very special. Try to be awake for just few minutes and we will see the kind of effort needed. Do not forget everything we explain here must be tested for our satisfaction and comprehension. Just try for a few minutes the following example. Stand by, inside our house, in front of a window looking outside and through the glass. Observe the outside carefully, and psychologically speaking ask yourself where am I? You will notice we traveled, psychologically speaking, from the inside to the outside of the house. We will be outside of the house as long as we were looking outside. So, we didn’t remain in ourselves. We lost attention of us. This detachment is part of forget of us, and the lost of remember of us. If we review the event we will see we traveled together with our thoughts.

We do not notice this detachment because that is what we do all the time. It is necessary that our consciousness be continuously in its own gravity center.

The grades of consciousness are; Time, Frequency, and Extent. Time is how many times we were during the day remembering us. Frequency is how many times we remembering us. Extent is how long the period was remembering us.

All of this if we do not experiment it we couldn’t know the psychological taste. This is just like exotic fruit we need to have in the mouth to be sure about the taste.

Indeed, there are superior and natural laws being remembered to polarize us to remember to live our dreams completely.

Nous or Objective Consciousness

This is also known as Turilla. To be one hundred percent awake makes our intuition increase to unknown levels. That is Turilla. Therefore, it is Objective Consciousness, Objective Reasoning, and Superior Reason.

Those four stages of consciousness are like a four story building. Normally, common people are born more or less 3% of awaken Consciousness. This is the reason why the baby born look beautiful even they are not physically cute. All babies born inspire us tenderness because his consciousness is in the skin. Definitely, after some time we got full and bottled of egos. So, just you imagine adults with 5% or 10% of awaken consciousness. There will be no need of wars, or jails, our planet earth will be completely different. Definitely, awakening of the consciousness only can be through voluntary and conscious jobs done by the same consciousness.

As we said previously, the energy has an important job, without it we can do anything. Applied Energy Motor Fakir Only physic exercises Vital Pranayama macrobiotic exercise, special food Mental Yogi Mental exercises, music, nature Volitional Will Own will Psychic Mystic Monastic jobs Conscious Consciousness Will and comprehension jobs Spiritual Atomic Spirituality

How to Awake Consciousness

The Consciousness is to be objective and the entropy its enemy. The 3% of awakened consciousness could be possibly eliminating any possible psychological ego. The psychological ego steals fractions of our consciousness. To awake is esoteric discipline. SAW proposes the Key SOL. That is the initials of Subject, Object, and Location. This exercise recommends dividing our attention into these three parts. Subject is the person where is necessary to give one third of the attention. That is what and how we say, our manners, our thoughts, a complete observation. The second third is the attention to the object. That is the purpose, the reason why we are there. The last third is the location, what is the place.

Repetitive Characteristics of the Mind

Therefore, if we want to test which dimension we are. We can jump a little bit, so, if we float we are in the fourth dimension. Also, SAW recommends discretely pulling out one of our fingers. If it pulls means we are in the fourth dimension. The reason is because our body out of the third dimension is elastic. The same thing happens floating.

Something very important is the Discerning. Make you discerning part of the habits. For example, the dreams have details not possible in the physical dimension due to different laws. If we discern properly we easily distinguish which dimension we are. These repetitive characteristics of the mind could be part of our instinctive center. The awakening of the consciousness will provide us more and better mystical experiences and will be a guide us in our life.

“For many are called, but few are chosen”
“Of thousand that search for me, one finds me; of a thousand that find me, one follows me; of a thousand that follow me one is mine” Jesus the Christ