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No 25


We said previously the sexual energy is the must powerful in the man and it is capable to generate and create life.

Sex is everywhere the man and woman are, and as ancient as the same man is. Sex has been always mentioned in veiled way and other occult way.

Sex is the gravity center of all civilizations and all societies. If in the past sex was matters of bedroom just remember Helen of Troy and the disappearing of a whole city. Now sex is more public just watch T.V., magazine, or any advertising.

Sex even having something veiled has two general points of view. One is the Official Science, which considers it a biological detail and physical aspect. Of course they understand its magnetic force, center of reproduction, or degeneration and no more than that. On the other hand, the Gnosis believes that and goes beyond considering the sex a way to go back to the paradise from where we were expelled.

A lot of people can say there are two types of sex; procreation and degeneration. However, Gnosis says there is a third kind of sex which is the supra sex; let’s see it.

When we see the Human Machine we said the degeneration was due to a wrong sequences and wrong conduct. We called that degeneration infra sex.

Infra sex can be divided into two psychological spheres.

It is said in Kabala the father of the humanity had two wives: Lilith and Nahemah.

These two wives opposed in occult manner to Eve. Samael Aun Weor in its observation said two important things about Lilith: Hate and Superiority.


Those who say the sex is something filthy, worthless, and opposed to God like false mahatmas, religious leaders, pseudo gurus, and so on.


Others consider their sex superior even just like a third kind of sex; homosexualism, and lesbianism. They consider their sexuality more refined and higher than the normal sex.

Also, we can find in the psychology of Lilith a common denominator, which is the sex against the Holly Ghost just like; abortion, homosexualism, lesbianism, sadism, masochistic, parricides, infanticide, pederasts, and so on.


In the psychological sphere of Nahemah, which a cabalistic devil his work is the seduction in the heterosexual relation in order to dissolve and disharmonize man-woman relation.

In this sphere we can find men or women changing vary often of couple. Today marriage, tomorrow divorce; here are vices very hidden. They look like very honorable and honest persons. Here is also the machismo, prostitution, adultery, malign beauties, gigolos, and so on.

Also, in this psychological sphere we can find the blood, the honor, “if she doesn’t belong to me, I kill her”, and so on. Those factors are the dissolution between man-woman relations.

Normal sexuality is each time harder to find. It is required for these persons with no conflicts because the sexual energy is very fine. Any problem can move the person to the infra sex sphere. A simple pornographic magazine apparently inoffensive can deviate us. Persons believing themselves normal from time to time they move from the normal to the infra sex and vice versa. Finally them fall only into the infra sex.

So, the normal sex is in extinction via. The normal sex only is good for the purposes of nature. We are machines capturing types and subtypes of energy. The planet Earth only is interested in such capturing of energy of the cosmos; everything is mechanic.

Perfect Matrimony

One of the requirements for the perfect matrimony if alike temperaments; those can be sanguineous, bilious, lymphatic, or nervous. Complementary centers are; intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive, and sexual. Dangers to the perfect matrimony are; fantasy, fear, complexes, pornography, traumas. Remember, the sexual energy when is send to other centers provokes sexual impotence. Mind kills love.

The first requirement of the supra sexuality is the normal sexuality. It is not possible to pass from infra sex to supra sex. Supra sexuality is regeneration.

All religious have their base in androgen beings, Eve and Adam. This principle can be found in ancient Hindustani, eleausis, gothic temples. There are relieves with figures totally sexual.

The supra sexuality can semen the brain rebuilding neurons and cells. There is only a small percentage of brain working. Also, the supra sexuality revitalizes the pineal gland as well as the pituitary gland too. This is why supra sexuality regenerating our sexual system retarding menopause and androgen pause. The fire that nourishes the same fire is open and rotates chakras.

The ancient alchemist of the supra sexuality called it VITROL that means: ‘VISITAM INTERIOREM TERRE RECTIFICATUM INVENIAS OCULTUM LAPIDEM”. Visit the interior of the earth, which through rectifying you will find the occult stone.