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Return Recurrence Reincarnation

No 8

Following with the laws more affect us in our daily life we have Return, Recurrence Reincarnation.

The ‘I’, the ego, the self according the human composition is what return as well as the essence as soon as we have a new physical body.


That is what dies and later continues. The physical body dies and the ego returns to the physical body as soon as the new body is born.

The law of the return always is here. Return the seasons of the year. Return the electrons around the nucleus of the atom. Return the fashion, the styles, and the cycles of the nature. There is no straight and continuous line forward the universe.

It is one life with several existences, one life with several returns.

That is just like a movement of life. There is drama, comedy, tragedy. Drama is for the normal people. Comedy is for the funny people. Tragedy is for the crooks.

We are part of the theater of the life. Our Egos are many. The ego characterize, we are actors. We return also with the effect of the last action.


We are the compromises of the subconscious. The ego definitively has his compromises and will meet no matter what.

Our personality is the instrument of the ego. The ego uses the personality just like vehicle. We believe to do, definitively it is not.

There are positive and negative recurrences. During each existence we repeat thoughts, actions, emotions, feelings, even in a daily basis. In that way we know persons we recognize immediately. We go to places that not even known previously give us the idea we were there before. There are cases being the first time in a new house for us we know, for example, where is the toilet?.

The prodigious boys prove the return and recurrence. Only doing the same each return is possible from early age to be really good playing piano, maths, and so on.


Reincarnation is only for Gods, Master, Avataras, and awaking beings.

Krisna 2000 years before Christ explained his doctrine about the transmigration of the souls (metempsychosis), all about the reincarnation. He was very clear concerning beings with awaken consciousness can choose place, sex, time, country, family, and all of concerning to born. The rest, just we return in a blind manner.

It is very interesting how the Australian aborigines considered with the lowest IQ say the children are reincarnations of their ancestors. The same thing happens with some Indonesia natives. They say their totems are their ancestors. There are some other cultures believing in reincarnation. It is said Pythagoras walking with a friend heard a dog barking and said the dog was a friend just passed away.

There are a lot of cases of hypnosis of persons living in other times. As well as in England there are a lot of documented cases or regressions living in other times.

It is the case of the Dali Lama of Tibet properly documented of living in other times.

Therefore, we have here a problem of remember. If we analysis and observe we will notice our thinking process goes from past to future and vice versa. We do not live the present time.

The auto observation can help us in our own lives. The states of subconscious, changing circumstances, understanding the actual level of Being; in that way we will get other circumstances, other activities.

Awaking consciousness we can avoid future negative recurrences.

No actors, no play; without ego there are no recurrences. Eliminating actors; they are who characterize the play of the life.

Bible reference: Mathew 11/13, 14 – 17/12
Job 9/1, 2