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Mysteries of Life and Death

No 15

Concept of Death

Death is the ending of all organic functions. Basically brain and heart cease in order to declare a person dead.

There is a tremendous fear to death. That is fear to the unknown and attach to the existence.

Having religious beliefs; even the non believers have some behavior changes towards death. Death inspires conversion to religion. Remember Houdini who made planes in order to know about death after his death. Really only an awake conscious person knows what is beyond death. There are some people who die for an instant and have come back saying very interesting things.

It is said that people have being living longer than before. Our own existence depends on the vital values of our physical body and how we have been taken care of it. The Bible says about early beings who their existences where in two hundred of years. Old Egyptians lived normally 140 years. SAW said about Lemurs being more or less 1300 years old.

Energy factor of Death

As far as the sperm reaches the ovule is the first energy created. It is very interesting how our energies get crossed each other. The second month after the conception other circuit of energies is created; that could belong to the liver; than will be other energy systems. Later, the energies of the motor center as well as the energies concerning the hair; it will be energy concerning reflexes. Much later, energy concerning the metabolism, and so on; everything has to do with energy.


The Law of the Seven is not an exception to our body, Septenary is every seven years.

Every seven years we change our behavior, we change our goals and our personality. The planets of the solar system affect us. The following charter shows after seven the sequences will not change. This patter uses Saturn. However, in the case of Masters this pattern is not followed due to the transcendence of the mechanic. So, Uranus will be from 56 to 63 years. Neptune will be from 63 to 70 years. Pluto will be from 70 to 77 years.

Septenary Cronuscreators Behavior
0 – 7 Moon Personality
7 – 14 Mercury School
14 – 21 Venus Love
21 – 42 Sun Centrism
42 – 49 Mars Aspiration
49 – 56 Jupiter Summarization, life, scepter
56 – 63 Saturn Elderly
63 – 70 Saturn/Moon Elderly/children
70 – 77 Saturn/Mercury Elderly schools
77 – 89 Saturn/Venus Elderly/love

How the Death Works

The lightning bolt of death works over our energy. It is an energy the human being can not support. That energy is attracted due to the malfunction of our physic body. The lightning bolt flows through the human body cutting the silver string connecting the vital body to the physical body. That is how the death works.

Early we said three things go to the cemetery; the physic body little by little disappears, the vital body as part of the energy of the physic body also disappears too. The personality is energy too and disappears later. The egos do not disappear they only pass to a different dimension.

So, the only thing that continuous is the ego and it’s counterpart the consciousness is bottled.

Death Angels

Contrary to what is believed the death angels wear different uniforms in order to do their jobs. These outfits can be like skeletons, monks, masters, and so on.

Three Trials

Three trials are provided to the deceased. The first trial is an electrical discharge where the just deceased sees it in a matter of seconds his life pass. There are some stories where in accidents those people see their lives in instantaneous way. The second trial into a retrospective way is done in a three and a half days. The deceased person can not see his body. He is an actor and spectator at the same time. This is just like to rewind a movie picture. This trial happens in the fourth dimension. The third trial is conducted by Lord Anubis and his 42 judges.

Three Sentences

Three different sentences can be the result of the three trials. The first sentence can be some vacations in the superior worlds. This is based upon the good deeds and the remaining ego. The second sentence is the immediate return to other matrix in order to take on a new physical body one more time. This sentence depends up to 108 existences. The third sentence happens if the 108 existences are due. The essence is sent to the infernos for the proper purification of the egos.

Life Angels

The life angels start their job as soon as the essence is back one more time. These angles connect the sperm to the ovule depending the karma to be paid. These angels choose the sperm, the ovule, the family, the time, and the sex, the place all of that is depending on the karma. The essence enters the body with the first breath and the silver string is connected.

The new return is now in the physical body. The personality little by little enters into the body according to the time. For example, a swordsman from middle ages now will be a gunman. The ego little by little joins the body depending on the growing up. All enters at the proper time. For example, the lust ego will enter at the proper time.

It is recommended to read the Book of the Deaths. Reflect deeply about the mysteries of life and death.

“Just as it is above, so below”