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No 14

Meditation is the act to apply thoughts with attention over the consideration of one thing.

The thoughts are function of the mental body and not of the physic brain. Man can think without the brain.

The demons of Hai as the old Egyptians said; egos get unrolled in the world of the mind.

The meditation is a technique used to receive information form superior worlds and for some other things.

The meditation is confused with the reflex ion along with thinking, and even with relaxing. Meditation is understood to be passive, when in reality it is active.

Meditation allows us to see things from the effect; but the cause as well. That is behind the same scenario. This is like being in jail, but seeing our jail cell and beyond that.

The life is an integral total with object being both positive and negative. The quantitative transforms into qualitative. The evolution is a process of the application of energy.

Meditation helps us to know what is beyond the sensorial limits. For example, there is matter that is so slow its vibrations we cannot be see. Materialism studies the subject. The sage submerges into meditation looking for information through Him, who knows everything.

Basically, we can say we are looking for two types of meditation. One; is mediation to study the ego. Two; is meditation to experience the truth.

What we need. is a lot of patience, will, and an absolute conscious faith. The dialectic of the consciousness increases the serenity.

Meditation is a rigorous training for one entire life time. It is fundamental for there to be no reaction of the mind nor sentiment.

Phases of the Meditation:

Asana Posture

It is important to use a comfortable posture. It does not matter if you are sitting or lying down. If you laying down the best is face up; it is not necessary to fold into the lotto flower. If it is possible, find, any way we can work on meditation.

Also, it is important to be between awake and asleep. If we are asleep totally we get away from meditation. If we remain awake we can not get anything and can even damage our bodies.

Breathing plays an important roll in meditation. We must always have our lungs full. We just do it like babies. First, we fill the lower lung. Here we inflate our stomach as well. Next, we inflate the upper lung. Pause, exhale as much as you can, pause, and again one more time the same. Good breathing increases the heart process.

Samael left us a wonderful mantra JAM SAJ

JAM SAJ helps us to incredible relax our physic body.

J is like hurry S is like Sam

A is like Alice A is like Alice

M is like Mary J is like hurry

Taking in air mentally it is pronounce JJJJJJJAAAAAAAMMMMMM as far as we start pronouncing imagine your sexual energy passes to the coccyx. If it is necessary, for a better effect, try tightening up the sphincters. As we continue with the mantra and taking more air pass the energy from coccyx to your spinal column and up to your head. Pause, exhale, and pronounce verbally just like a sneeze SSSSAAAAJJJJ. In that moment imagine our energy that we leave in our head descends and gets out through the heart. Repeat this process one more time. This has a wonderful effect in your body, relaxing it up to the point to where there is no sense of flesh. The more we relax it makes less verbal the SAJ. In just case during the meditation you lose the relaxation of the body try it one more time JAM SAJ.

JAM SAJ eliminates stress. This is the same thing when an atom looses its negative ions and becomes a free radical. That is a hard and difficult condition. JAM SAJ restores and harmonizes the lost ions of your atoms. This matter gives us an incredible comfort.

If you arrived to this point in a relaxed condition, we have moved forward very well.

Pratyahara Discernment

As far as we have relaxed our physical body continuously with the mind. Relaxing the mind requires more work. It is important to empty the mind. When your physical body is relaxed your mental process increases and gets sharper. It is important not to get identifiable with your own thoughts. Discerning your own thoughts you will see how your memories; give you analysis, a good picture of you; try to convince yourself in one way or other. This can only happen by observing your thoughts. The logical confrontation of your Being helps you to see the opposite poles as well as the discernment. All of this relaxes the mind.

Dharana Deep Meditation

As far as we relax the mind we can concentrate easily. Remember that meditation is not passive, it is totally active. Concentration needs an interest and/or motivation. There must only be one thing in the mind, and that is the object of the meditation.

Shamadi Ecstasies

At any time during meditation can the Illuminating Void be happen. This ecstasy can be only a fraction of a minute. The ecstasy can make us to feel as an integral part of everything around us. So, during meditation we see a bird, we are too a bird; if we see a plant we are too a plant. To see a person in meditation we feel like that person, and so forth. This way we find the element of change. “Knowing the truth and it will make you free”. SAW.

Meditation is a form of Psychological Judo we must to follow. All martial arts have a special characteristic. We all have mind assailants; desires, worries, problems, and so on. We have a serious attention conflict and distraction. This attention conflict is the main reason we abandon mediation. Discerning; we have the special situation to project. Not discerning correctly; we end projecting. So, the conclusion is “no fight”. Remember. “The highest thinking way is no thinking at all”.


The oriental technique meditation Mo-Chao is basically two parts.

Deep Reflection; this with a complete mind reception remembering the mind is receptive and feminine. This is a conscious dynamism.

Tremendous serenity; this could be possible by not desiring and being simple.

The basic key for the illuminated meditation is combining it with sleep.

Indeed, there are various mantram for helping us during meditation. There are also some koanes. These koanes are questions that our mind can not answer. The prolonged repetition of a koan can make our mind brake. The same thing a jail can be broken from freedom. For example, “who recites the name of Buddha”, “if all things are reduced to unite, unite at what is reduce it”, “where I was before born, and where I will be after death”. Also, the mantra UUUUUUUUUUU is a great helper in this matter

Finally, our recommendation is; good breathing, constancy, and a lot of patience.