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Laws that Govern Us

No 6

Is the human being really free? We could answer that depending the country we live in. However, if we analyze that correctly we will find nobody is free.

There are several terrestrial laws as well as divine laws that obstruct us. We are subject to mercantile, civil, terrestrial laws. Therefore, we can say we live in a biological jail. There are laws of gravity, impenetrability, and so on.

Basically, there are two types of laws: physic and cosmic laws.

We are familiar with the physical laws that keep the physical order.

However, for this purpose we are interested in the cosmic laws. We do not know nor can we see them however, they keep a very restrictive control on us.

Indeed the human being is anarchic and chaotic according the sleep fullness. The human being is the only one that robs, pollute, and kill for pleasure, and so on.

If in the physical order we are punished when we trespass the physical laws. Also, we are punished for violating the cosmic laws. That happens even though due our sleep fullness we do not notice it. We still pay for it.

The cosmic laws work through our ego for our punishment and penitence. We will see some of the 48 cosmic laws that rein us. Some of these laws we will see into individual way according its importance.

Planetary Law: The Moon reins 70% of our liquids; the humanity is lunar 100%. It reins the sea, the trees, suicides, schizophrenia, and so on. The Sun gives us life, Saturn is malefic, Jupiter is benefic, etc. The lines in the forehead tell us our planet: Moon; one line, Mercury, 2 lines, Venus 3 lines, Sun 4 lines, Mars 5 lines, Jupiter 6 lines, Saturn 7 lines.

Zodiacal Laws: The 12 zodiacal signs rein all man and woman. Return Law: Cyclic time, fashion, eras, essence returns and reincarnate the waken.

Recurrence Law: Daily events recurrent as well as the repetitions.

Evolution and Involution Law: Averse and reverse.

Effect and Cause Law: Action and effect, echo, waves over the water, hangover.

Karma and Dharma Law: Punishment and compensation.

Solioonensious Law: Velto Sun causes special radiation over humanity causing fundamentalism as well as some revolutions.

Entropy Law: Physical and psychological degrade to an ultimate state of inert uniformity; obstacle to the work as well as to the thoughts.

Epi genesis Law: The vibration of the Verb, the in manifested.

Concomitance Law: The force that supports the magnetism created in the universe.

Trogoautoegocratic Eternal Common Cosmic Law: Eat and be eaten.

Numbers Law: Numbers from 0 to 9, the Ten Sephiroths

Twelve Commandments: The 10 known plus the eleven “do your duty”, twelve “you do your light bright”.

Pendulum Law: Always from one extreme side to the other one. No interior equilibrium

Bodee Law: Organize the mechanic distance between planets.

Triamasicano Law: Law of Three; positive, negative, neutral; proton neutron, electron

Polarity Law: White/black, day/night, small/large, positive/negative.

Analogy Law: Alike between two.

Gravity Law: No float.

Universal Magnetism Law: Distance between suns.

Attraction and Repulsion Law: Bring closer and repulsion

Transformation Law from Matter to Energy: Everything gets its transformation
Transformation Law from Energy to Matter:

Round Law: From dimension to dimension until the materialization.

Universal Fall Law: Everything has nucleolus or central axel.

Equal Vibration Law: Everything vibrates until be equal.

Cross Law: Everything gets crossed; animals, persons, energies.

Hermetic Law: The not divulged.

Continues Association Law: What it has to be related

Subjective Crystallization Law: The ego gets to crystallize

Crystallization AZF Arcanum Law: Crystallization of the superior vehicles.

Fulaslitaniano Law: The repetition of the same mistakes.

Katancia Law: Punishment for Masters.

Hodam o Law:Law that rein the mistakes of the Masters

Reprocess Law: Force that feed itself; hate with hate, love with love.

Systole and Diastole Law: Pulse and repulse, contraction and expansion

Accident Law: Payment due to unconscious mistake

Octave Law: Everything goes to superior and inferior octaves

Natural Selection Law: Selection of the species.

Inherence Law: We inherit through the genes

Rhythm Law: Oscillation grade between vibratory note and other one

Parallel Law: Everything has its parallel; worlds and so on

Nature Law: Law according the species

Seven Law: Law that organize and harmonize

Free Will Law: Capacity to transcending

As you can see all laws go against the human being; but one; Free Will, Willpower. This is the only law we have to transcend all of rest laws.

Indeed, the conformist is the majority, the disconformist have and wants to have more, the unconformist goes against him in order to get the proper change.