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No 22

All old cultures speak about Kundalini; this is the end of the Kundartiguador organ.

Sivananda (Swami 1887-1963) called it “Divine Mother The Igneous Serpent of the Magic Powers”. Kundalini is the wake up of the magic powers. The meaning comes from Atlantis; kunda is Kundartiguador, and lini is the end. This is the end of the Kundartiguador organ.

Kundalini is the serpentine binary myth. The old Aztecs named it “Xihcoatls”. The serpent has double polarity. This can be seen in the Sun Stone, or Aztec Calendar; serpents that open the mouth and from one of them a blond head can be seen; Tonatiu. Between the old Hebrew it was the Tempting Serpent, and the Healing Serpent. Between the old Greek also existed that binary. Python was the serpent of the swamps; Apollo killed it with this darts. The serpent of Aesculapius is the twisted in the medic emblem.

Always was and always will be Kundartiguador against Kundalini, and Kundalini against Kundartiguador. For a better description of this antagonism we have the legend of Krishna . Krishna a solar hero at the age of 15 years old asked to the patriarch Nanda he felt bad not to know about his mother. Nanda said his mother left her home land. Sad, Krishna went to Mont Neu and one day wandering found and old man. They saw each other for a long moment. The old man did not immutable and asked him “where I can find my mother”. The answer was “your mother is with that one that never changes kill the bull and step on the serpent”. The old man got transparent and vanished (Internal God). Krishna left the Mont Neu and told his friends “let’s go and kill bulls and step on serpents”. That was in that way; this is symbolic and psycho logic. Even doing that he did not know about his mother; later he heard about a big serpent in the temple of Goddess Kali . He went and found the guard Kalayoni; at his spell appeared a greenish serpent with reddish hair. Kalayoni order Krishna to adore it or will die. Krishna fought the serpent and killed it. After that, he could live with his holly mother.

The old cultures and their mythology said about serpents that killed many warriors. There is Perseus and Medusa and some others. However, in all those cases the main factor is the FANTASY and its hypnotic force in order to occult the reality.

Other reference concerning the Kundartiguador organ like physical organ attached to the coccyx disappeared with the time; remaining only the coccyx. The Kundartiguador organ has great hypnotic capacity over us.

This hypnotism makes us to believe we are awaked. Maybe for a few second we are awake; later we get back falling again into the psychological sleeping. This is why we say the principal factor is the fantasy. Sometimes we are cruel, however, who accepts to be cruel. So, justifications comes that is the hypnotic force of the Kundartiguador.

Therefore, Kundalini wakes us up to reality. Kundalini is possible awakening the sacred fire. That sacred fire allowed us to see reality.

That sacred fire was venerated by all ancient serpentine and esoteric cultures. Kundalini is the electronic solar fire in our occult anatomy.

Traditions as old as the Atlantis with their perpetual fire adored Kundalini.

Roman, Greek, Mayan, Incas, Aztecs, Egyptian vestals were virgins that kept fire. When they were no longer virgins the fire extinguished.

Also, the Sioux, nomad tribe were installed around the tent where the fire was. When they move to other place the fire was kept in their move.

The same thing is with the “Candelaria Day” in the Hispanic world on February the second. From the perpetual fire all the churches get fire in order to protect them from evils.

The pythagorean said about the sacred fire Hestia, which curiously means home too, was where the fire was kept.

The secret fire of the Rosicrucian; they said it was possible to obtain it, and that fire born from the same fire. Sivananda said “fire of our magic powers”.

Fire of Pentecost is other reference of the Astral Signature of the Fire. The word of the Holly Ghost is the conjunction of the atom in the base of the coccyx and the pineal gland.

INRI of the ancient Christian is IGNIS NATURA RENOVATUM INTEGRAM; the fire renews constantly nature.

The sacred fire of Moses is the same blackberry bush Jeremy said. Curiously, it is the Jeremy’s fire hidden under earth and for 70 years nobody could find it.

That is the same fire used to destroy the biblical golden calf. When they found the Jeremy’s fire it was not fire, but water. We know very well that symbolism; we can affirm the water is the inhabitancy of fire. That looks opposing; the ancient alchemist referred the water like mercury -igneous water -seminal entity H-SI-12.

That igneous water is where the fire is with its electrons. It has been crystallized through different existences. It can be seen clairvoyance in its negative form could be the frozen lake Dante Alighieri made reference in his book the Divine Comedy. That ice is up to the sexual organs, and up to the mouth in others. This is the way this humanity has the ens-seminis -the sexual entity-; they waste it. In that frozen lake there is no sexual fire. However, as soon as it starts the sexual magic such frozen lake melted.

How to awake Kundalini?

Pranayama prepare us and help us as far as we do not are crooks. Pranayama is not all. Kundalini is not dangerous, and only gets in persons with some kind of virtues. Samael Aun Weor one day asked his Divine Mother if there were other ways to wake up Kundalini. His Divine Mother answered the only way was Sahaja Maithuna. That is Suprasexuality. That answers sad-faced SAW; there are people trying to wake up Kundalini through other means.

Two thing are needed; passive and active -man and woman- sexual magic. During the sexual magic is recommended to mantra IIIII AAAA OOOO. Later, after some practice and time make contact the solar and lunar atoms in the triveni – kandas. The electronic and the magnetic reach each other and slowly rise through the spinal column.

Kundalini seen clairvoyance looks like a small serpent twisted three and a half times in the coccyx. Waking it up could be a small pain in the coccyx, thirsty, and hot face and the rest of the body.

East cultures say there are six steps concerning waking up Kundalini..

1. Ananda Great interior happiness
2. Kampam Sensibility, hyper sensibility, working chakras
3. Uthala Mystic experiences that five and make strong the essence
4. Gurni Mystic and divine yearnings
5. Mursha Relaxing status making easy any meditation
6. Nidra Somnolence helping and allowing Shamadi, conscious sleeping.

However, there are some other elements very important to follow concerning Kundalini cannon by cannon. Between each vertebra can pass a long time and there is danger up to extinguish fire.

  • No mechanic
  • Straight thinking
  • Straight feel
  • Straight speaking
  • Straight will
  • Straight fidelity
  • Straight way to earn living
  • Same partner; same man, same woman, lawful marriage
  • Sorting and defeat trails