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Karma and Dharma Law

No 7

Consequence and Effect Law

Divine and Natural Law

It is important to understand first the Civil and Natural Laws that rein us. Also, it is important to understand too that without those laws our lives could be chaotic. Imagine our lives if everybody could do anything like killing, raping, and stealing, and so on.

Also, imagine if natural laws were stopped. No spring, no winter, no rain, no sun light. Or only rain, only sunlight only winter. Everything would be dead.

Therefore, imagine our life without Divine laws. Definitively, without divine laws there could not be natural laws, much less civil laws.

The ancient Greeks said the Nemesis Goddess was created as the Justice Goddess. Their parents were Zeus and the Necessity Goddess. Yes, Necessity Goddess due to the proliferation of the ego. Therefore, if there is no ego, no karma will be.

Divine Laws keep the balance and harmony in the entire cosmos.

The Nemesis Goddess is represented blindfold allegorizing neither distinction nor revenge. This Goddess is a woman with a scale representing the two columns based on the justice; “Compassion and Justice”. This is very interesting; imagine only the application of justice. If only justice is applied there is no reason for life. There would only be punishment, and no appellation. Indeed, compassion crooks would be endless. Balance is very important.

Compensation Law is definitively karma “who iron kill as iron will be kill”, “With the same size you measure you will be measured”.

Retribution Law is definitively dharma. How many times we see around us persons apparently does not deserve what they get. Just like they born with a good star. Others born crushed. For sure, those persons did something, maybe in other existences in order the Divinity “gives”, “reattribute” something pending.

All our life is based in three calamities; illness, old age, and death. Sirarta Gautma Buddha meditated and arrived to that conclusion.

The answer of that meditation was a linked chain, a sequence or reaction: Ignorance redounds in ego. Ego redounds in karma. Karma redounds in pain. Pain is what we pay sooner or later.

Unfortunately, karma is a law that is not understood. Some people say it is a law of revenge and fatality. Also, this law is confused with bad sequence. Some think about karma “I cut my finger with that knife”. When in really that is only a consequence of a wrong action.

The orthodoxy Buddhism considers karma just like a recurrence. So, just like part of the ego. Therefore, when karma is known well is done in order to compensate it with the good.

Duties of the Law

Old Egyptians said about the Chamber of Maat, Goddess of the Justice; the Supreme Court of the Divine Law reigned by the Lord Anubis and his 42 Judges only were judged “Concrete Facts”, “Bad Done”, “Good that could be done and it was not”, “Paid Later”.

Remember this law comes for the divinity and for that reason is intelligent. This judgment is done at the time we passed away. This happens in the superior dimensions.

The old Egyptians represented the Maat Goddess with a feather in her head. In the same manner the old Christian represented the Archangels with a scale in the hand. In of the sides of the scale the heart of the deceased, and in the other side of the scale a feather. The heart full of sins is really heavy.

One duty of this law said the old Egyptian the Lord Anubis with his mask of jackal and with his sharp mouth inquiring inside the deceased. So, we can negate our sins, however, part of ourselves, our interior Kaom denounces us. Our interior Kaom is our inner part of the divine justice who keeps a register of all our business affairs. Blessed who has or her “book unwritten”.

Another duty of the law is the type of karma we pay. There is individual karma. This is basically the person himself who pays. There is familiar karma. Here the divinity put together a family where the common denominator is the same specific karma. There are cases where all the family has the same psychological defect. It could be also cases where for example the daughter collects karma from her mother, or vice versa. There is collective karma. This kind of karma put together a group of persons of different families. There is national karma. Here a whole country pays karma. There is world wide karma. Here the whole humanity pays; remember the biblical flood.

The third duty of the law is the business. Remember the two columns base of the law; Compassion and Justice. Love is the base of Compassion. Tolerance is the base of Justice. Let us see the following Transcendental Axioms:

“When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law outweighs the inferior law”.

“The lion of the law is combated with the scale for weighing”

“Whoever has capital with which to pay pays and does well in business”

“Whoever has nothing with which to pay, must pay with pain”

“Do good deeds in order to pay debts”

Not only is Karma paid for the evil done, but also for the good which as not done when we could have done it.

The best business: “Do good deeds” . Straight thinking, feeling, act correctly

All the superior laws summarize in LOVE. All the inferior laws summarize in KARMA.

It is said business because contrary of all people believe it is possible to negotiate the karma. So, the lion of the law is combated with the scale for weighing. How to do those businesses forward we will see it in detail. One of the ways, it the Runa NOT. If a person has enough cosmic money pays and success in business. Yes, here we are talking about cosmic assets, cosmic money. Such cosmic money can be earned with good deeds working for the humanity.

Concerning the duties of the law there is Karmaduro. This kind of karma when is applied it is not negotiable and irreversible.

Other duty of the law is Karmasaya. This kind of karma is due to sexual aberrations. Astrally are linked persons; each other accumulated their karma.

One of the ways to handle karma is first of all “don’t protest the medicine”. Remember this is compensation. Also, it is recommendable “give what is missing”. Really hard, however, that is. For example, if we are sick, give to other ill people’s medicines, and so forth. In other words, review our own conduct.

Also, remember all door are closed, but the door of repenting.

Bible reference: Galatians 6/7 to 10
Job 5/17
James 4/17
Hebrews 10/30, 31