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Imagination and Fantasy

No 30

Two Poles of Imagination

  1. Receptor = Clairvoyance
  2. Projector = Imagination

Unfortunately, in these days Imagination is misunderstood with Fantasy; even with childish attitude. Really, Imagination is something very different what Fantasy is. Fantasy as we as can see later is mechanized imagination.

Imagination was explained when we saw the Three Minds. However, its receptor pole is the clairvoyance. Clairvoyance allowed us to see the ultra of the things; that what we can not see with our physical eyes. In order the clairvoyance works we must not project. Clairvoyance receives symbols, figures, events and that can be conscious or unconscious.

The projector pole is the imagination. Imagination unconscious is fantasy, that is mechanic, and that it is product of the subconscious. It is important to discern what we project. This is why clairvoyants without objective are a danger. They project desires, their interests, and their personalities.

So, it is important to work with the conscious imagination without add on personal matters, nor desires, nor politics, nor prejudices, nor interest, nor moral detail, and not even religion.

Characteristic of Fantasy

“It does to see like we are NOT”

We say fantasy is the reflex of our 97% of subconscious. Its principal ingredient is to believe us what we are not. Everybody we will see us more objective then us. For example, even the vary bad persons believe they are good persons. There are evasive, justifications; even we think we are intelligent, handsome, and strong. Including the sharp intellect; everything was said to us, everything was heard, everything comes from outside, but the Being. Everybody can be seen strong, interesting, so, it is the cigarette, the drink, and so. Fantasy can help us to see us strong, funny, handsome, and son. All of that get us away of Being; living a great lie. If we meditate deeply we will see the secret springs of all of that. SAW said if we see us in a full mirror we will feel shame.

The fallacy of ego is its capacity to deceit us. The rhetoric of the ego is the untruth. So, the best question is do I see myself as am I? When we are objective, honest the ego start to shake.

Danger of the Fantasy

There are several aspects of the danger of the fantasy like dreams awake or asleep.

Silence dreams are those that are reserved for us only.

Spoken dreams are those that we communicate to others.

Dreams carried on to the practice; like those of Hitler.

There are any kinds of dreams waste great amount of our energy.

The way to eliminate danger is controlling our mechanic memory as we will see later.

How the Fantasy is?

One of the ways we push fantasy is the subjective perception; the mechanism in memory, and our Kundartiguador organ. We just are inclined to fantasy, and with the subjective we get denser our hypnosis.

“Memory is disloyal”. It could e enough to make an observation test to a group of persons, and you will see different answers. Remember there are intellectual, motor, emotional, and instinctive persons. The result is we do not know what is real. Everything belongs to a mechanic memory, and that mechanism produces fantasy. This is why history is misled; in the same way our memories, our commentaries. For example, how many times are get back where we expend our childhood and found that enormous tree is not as big as we thought. About the house were we lived; rooms, kitchen, and so on are very different now than our childhood.

How to control the Mechanic memory?

The practical part is to control the mechanic memory is Memory = Work. We can say also Memory = Consciousness. When we self observe and be in remember state the action left registered in our conscious memory in such an objective manner. In that way fantasy gets excluded. That is the way flatteries are thrown away.

How to eliminate Fantasy?

  1. Recognize the fantasy person we bring inside.
  2. Courage to unmask us; here is need neither fear nor laziness.
  3. Self exploration with retrospection being self impartial.
  4. Use the scalpel of the self critic masking us conscious about us.
  5. We must support and over do terrible instants of ridiculous.
  6. Psychological tear up like first step of the interior filthy.

Order in the Work

All of this must be supported with the objective thinking. We are so accustomed we do not even notice the subjective thinking. We see T.V. subjective programs, and we do chat so subjective. We speak with no sense. Analyzing all of this we can find it is worthless to pay attention to all this subjective trash. The subjective sickens our imagination.

This work must not be arbitrated. Working we will notice it is an order in the work. Our Interior Real Being keeps that order in us. If we get away of our Being we delay our interior work. When there is confusion is because we do not find or we do not carry on correctly our memory-work. It is important to have always in mind fantasy is also a product of superfluous rolls of our mechanic memory. Meditation helps us to keep a better memory-work order.