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Evolution Involution Revolution

No 9

If we observe the actual humanity; we see its behavior, its interest, and what is generating around. Our question could be if the actual society is evolution or involution? What do you think?

Evolution . . . economics, spiritual, politics.

If we see the dictionary this word means forward, progress, regeneration, and so on.

In general, we have the sensation that we are in a process of evolution because we see more families with more refrigerators, televisions, automobiles, clothing, food, and so on. So, the sensation is that we are evolving.

In the same manner we believe in the terrain of the spirituality that we are evolving. We just we need to hear our spiritual leaders. Indeed some of them say if in this reincarnation we can not make it for sure in the next one. Others say, just a few changes and that it is. So, the sensation is that we are evolving.

However, let’s see the other side of the coin. In the economics matters we work for a living; when that must be the other way around. Each time we need more time working in order to fulfill our economic affairs. If see around we can observe a lot of people they just can’t make it. In other countries the situation is worst.

Also, we believe that science is evolving. Maybe that is correct, however, just in some items and for just some persons. The benefits of the science are not reaching the majority of the society. There are a lot of premature deaths. A lot of the time we hear that the medicine can’t heal, or it caused other side effects. It is still born people are born with genetic problems, and not speaks about fat, and so on.

Concerning politics. that is a shock.

Family values, moral values, spiritual values are going down in a shocking manner. The holiness is gone forever. Spirituality; we concern it only when we have enough time or are in problems.

Really we forget the Antithesis Law. This law is if a fundamental part of the same Evolution Law as well as the Involution Law. Everything goes in spirals some of them going down, others going up. That is the life concerning everything created. That is even if we forget the duality existing day and night, beginning and end.

Evolution and Involution are cyclical and both are part of the nature. And that is the mechanic axel of the same nature.


We see that process in the vegetation; seed, plant, flower, fruit, tree, and finally nothing.

The same process we see in the animals; born, growing, reproducing, and dying

The same process we see in the history cultures; Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, and so on.

Concerning the humans it is still gray hair, bolds, fats, ills, and so on.

Finally, we think “that is the price we need to pay”.

In order to understand this we need to see first “The Origin of the Man”. Truthful, that theory of Mr. Charles Darwin later was accepted as a fact even without being proved. As a matter of fact that theory has been much better accepted than Christian fundamentals. So, materialism won that battle.

Also, we have been hearing about genetic mutations, missing link, and the natural selection of the species. Really, the natural selection of the species only is applicable to the animals. If not, they can not survive; sharp teeth, better sight, better sense of smell, larger neck, and so on.

However, certain African tribes speak about greatness in their traditions. That is nothing comparable what they are now. In the same manner other ethnic groups are the same as their legacy are pyramids, manuscripts, and so on.

The Gnostic Anthropology said other races were before the universal flood what the Bible speaks.

The Protoplasmtic race was the first one in this planet. Later was the Hyperboric. After them came the Lemurs. Finally was the Atlantis. This last race, the Atlantis with their science and degenerated experiments created that what is the missing link. That was a sadly experiment between humans and beasts. With the end of the Atlantis came this race, the Arian race.

The Recapitulation Law helps us to understand the origin of the man. In the same way the seed is the essence of the tree the cell is in this case the essence of the man.

Phylogeny is the sequence of the events developing the humanity.

Ontogeny is the process of an individual organism growing organically, and this case the fetus. However, ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. We can see how the fetus is passing through the different kingdoms of the nature. First, it is the semen looking like the mineral kingdom. The ovule is like an onion, and here we see the vegetal kingdom. Later, the fetus has an animal appearance. Finally, the fetus belongs to the human kingdom.

The process of the essence is primer ally from the Absolute, from the same Universal God. That is really the origin of all of the creation.

Spirals up, spirals down; the human being like antenna is picking up the cosmic energy. That is always a process in the four kingdoms of the nature.

Mineral Kingdom is the beginning in the evolving process. The essence lives inside as well as part of the same mineral.

Vegetal Kingdom is the second step of the essence in the evolving process. One more time the essence lives and is part of the vegetal kingdom.

Animal Kingdom is the third step of the essence in the evolving process. One more time the essence lives and is part of the animal kingdom.

108 existences have the essence in the human kingdom. 108 is a sacred number in some countries. 108 are the bearing pieces of the necklace of Buddha. 108 are the turns around the sacred cow. So, we can say 4 moon faces times 27 constellations are 108 too.

The ego gets so strong living 108 existences that is necessary the second death spoken by Saint John . Or maybe is needed the 9 dantesque circles spoken by Dante Alighieri. The essence needs to recapitulate itself. That is the zone our consciousness is clean enough before continuing the process.

Mixtlan called hell the old Aztecs. Avitchi called the hell the Hindus. Hades called hell the old Greeks. Averno called hell the old Romans. Exeol called hell the old Hebrews. All are different names for the same hell a place for purification.

The Samsara Wheel is represented by the Card number 10 of the Egyptian Tarot. Here we see Lord Anubis going up. Typhon is going down. In the middle is the Effigy just like symbol of Revolution. It is say this wheel turns 3000 cycles of 108 existences each.

Finally, at the end of so many existences the essences that did not get the fusion with God, that did not get the intimate Self Realization with the Being; this essence backs to the Absolute. The Absolute is the original place from where the essences came. So, if there is no fusion, no self realization, no mastery, the return is as the origin was just like divine spark.

That is Samsara Wheel representing the mechanic axel of the nature as well as part also of the revolution. Revolution is the third alternative in order to get success in the evolution as well as in the involution. This revolution is the revolution of the Consciousness self. Therefore, only it is revolution the consciousness is possible to get out of the Samsara Wheel.

Bible ref: Lucas 9/23