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Ego Essence and Personality

No 2

What is Psychology?

The root of psychology is “Psiquis Logos”, study of the soul.

Apparently, psychology is something new; however, it is very old. Centuries ago the Science and the Religion were together. Old Religions, including the Catholic Church as well as the Orthodox Church used it. However, they called it Philocalia. Also, the Old Yoga Schools as well as the Dervishes used it. Old Psychology can be found into the

Stellar of the Old Aztecs. The Theosophy of the 19 century knew very well of the old psychology.

However, we want to make a difference concerning the psychology. We call Official Psychology just to give a name. This Official Psychology is taught at the universities, and collages. The official psychology traits the man as he is. The Gnostic Psychology traits the man as he must be, a Super Man. Indeed, as we said before, subjective for the gnosis is objective for the same gnosis, and vice versa. Later, we will give more details about this.

Personality, what is ?

  • It is mortal because born with the time and die with the time.
  • It is an exterior façade because its state is subconscious and plural.
  • It is genotype because is based in the genes and the inherence.
  • It is phenotype because is molded by the environment.
  • It is para type because is based in scholastic education.
  • It is lunar because does not have its own light.
  • It is energy because increases with the time.
  • It is a vehicle because it’s and instrument of the ego.
  • It is false according the actions of the egos.
  • It must be changed into Solar.

Ego, what is?

  • It is intangible and abstract energy.
  • It is slaver
  • It is created and nourished by the bad process of our own psychological impressions.
  • It is lust, ire, pride, envy covetous, gluttony, laziness, and their enormous derivates.
  • It is Plural. It is said only alter ego, and superior ego, however, it is thousand of them.
  • It only can be eliminated by the Sexual Fire.

Essence, what is?

  • It is our inner matter.
  • It is the real.
  • It is our virtues
  • It is our soul.
  • It is our consciousness
  • It is our atom Nous.
  • It is an emanation of the absolute.
  • It is immortal.
  • It is our Buddhata,
  • It is our Aladdin Lamp.
  • It is not mechanic its process
  • It grows only by him, and according consciousness work.
  • It is not intellectual, but psychological
  • It does not grow as the physical body does
  • It language is symbolic
  • It is the pain particles of our Holly Father who is in secret, and the base of our realization
  • It is only what we have of divine value.
  • It only can be helped by the revolution of the consciousness.

When we die.

Three things are processed

  1. Personality slowly gets vanished.
  2. Ego goes out of to a different dimension.
  3. Essence goes to a superior dimension