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Didactic for the Dissolution of the “I”

No 33

The Soul

As far as the “I” is disappearing we crystallize soul. Buddha fought in order to crystallize soul in the same manner Jesus did too. Only the annihilation of the ego allows us to possess soul. Now a day the soul loads us as if we are a heavy burden. The genius of the Aladdin’s lamps is the soul.

Speaking of soul we are babies; we have infantile consciousness. And the worst of that is as far as we are getting old the possibilities of the soul fall. So, at the end the ego takes full and absolute control.

The reality of the “I is to be present and the psychological aggregates take possession of the human machine one by one as an endless chain.

Weave and Unweave our Destiny

Live Mechanic of the Recurrence Law

Behind our actions, thoughts, words who is? There are impulses that do not belong to us or our Being in concrete. Noticing that we get impacted and start to questioning; why lust, why ire. SAW said if there is no pain the person does not work in self.

About the recurrence we have spoke a lot, however, we need to go beyond that. To know the secret springs of the alive mechanic of the recurrence law. The destiny as it is weaving and unweaving it. Something very important in the recurrence is that there are compromises. Thieve has a cave of thieves in himself and each thieve has its own compromises. Concerning adultery SAW said “it is the energy each partner has and will move sea and land in order to have their encounter”. That encounter happen in other existences as well as it is programmed to be one more time in the present existence. We do not know the compromises we have in our life.

Comedy, Drama, Tragedies

There is no free will; believe it. We are only instruments of who is in control at this moment of our human machine. The comedy is for comic people, clumsy, clowns, and idiots. Drama is for the normal people. Tragedies are for the crooks, assassins, and thieves. Normally we pass fro one thing to other even the tragedy; we are some times perverse too.

Eliminating Actors

There must be actors for dramas, comedies, and tragedies. Therefore without actors there is no play. As far as the interior works progress starts the actors to disappear; for example the actor of the “lust”, the actor of the “ire”, the actor of the “pride”, the actor of the “laziness”, and so forth.

Didactic = Inner Self Observation

For the annihilation there is a very concrete didactic and its first step is the inner self observation. We do not explain this step because we just did that previously including obstacles, differences, between observer and observed. Only we are saying it is a necessary environment for the inner self observation. If we observe our reactions and there is no reaction there we are not in the proper environment.

Atlantean Initiated

SAW said the case of an Atlantean initiated belonged to a rich family. He belonged to an esoteric school too. He practiced meditation. He felt he reached his limit and needed to see the dark side of his psychological moon. So, he moved to a filthy neighborhood where all kind of persons lived in order to create a proper psychological gym.

Three Psychological Workshops

There are three psychological workshops for the sincere student. The first and more close is the own family. The second workshop is the esoteric school where is possible to find unpleasant events. The third workshop is the office or where we work and the street too. In these three workshops is where is all we need in order to practice psychologically speaking.

The Philosophy of the Adversity

During the moments of the adversity is where we can find the best time in order to test ourselves and know about our own psychology. In the bed and in the jail is where the friend is known. The lack of money is the best adversity. For the lack of money is the robbery, divorces, assassinates, prostitution, and so on. In the adversity we incline to escape, blame, and protesting. The sincere student accepts the adversity.

Don’t Flee from the Practical Life

The practical life is the self initiation. Fleeing from the practical life is escaping from the facts. SAW said “just try a day without blame not even internally living the life “We must know the cost of living in order to know what the mystic death is.

SAW and the Self Love

SAW said the following about his life. He believed all his defects ended and one day his son came with the story he just rolled over a poor person and he asked for money compensation. SAW believed the money compensation was correct and gave the money asked. His son demanded why to give money to someone that was on my way and there is no fault on that. SAW said he felt a little pain when heard his son’s demand. SAW at the proper time investigated through meditation the internal pain and he found the self love hurt.

Superlative Analysis = Comprehension

Sacrifice of the Pain

When the ego is observed totally we can pass to the comprehension. In order to comprehend fully is necessary to sacrifice the pain. The pain blinds us and do not allow us to discern correctly and abjectly. For example, I see my wife talking secretly with a man; the jealousy and ire come. First we must reflex how to discern correctly, so, how? If we discern who suffers that is the ego and not the essence. Therefore we make a logic confrontation of the Being.


Relaxed, very well relaxed in meditation we rebuild the scene into a respective way using our imagination and self exploration. This step is really hard for the student. The mind is not calmed; everything is still hot.

Self Exploration

Such self exploration must be from all angles. We have the scene and this one affected several levels of the mind. There we can see the different form of jealousy. When it was the first time of jealousy, when it was the last time, which dress provoked that, which words provoked it, which gestures, which attitudes, when jealousy is stronger? We must see all that is implied; all the actors, all the angles including place and time. The ego always has a beginning and due it’s mechanistic can be cached. It is important to explore what feed the ego; break it down and this belongs to the intellect. However, to discern and comprehend belongs to our spiritual part. In that way we can find the deep meaning of the ego. As far as we taste the ego psychological speaking the essence let us know more about it and the comprehension could be complete.

Concrete Facts

Always we must beginning from concrete facts without hesitation, nor vagueness, nor distractions, nor speculations, nor changes, and very clear. Otherwise we must go back to the psychological gym. The guideline is given by the psychological taste. The confrontation with our essence will tell us.

Self Critic = Trail

Damage and Prejudice

Third step is to take the ego to the court. This will help us to comprehend the ego. This trial is just like it is in the third dimension in the court houses. In this trail we must finger the damages caused as well as the damaged caused to others. This must be done honestly. Here we need to included all kind of looses as well as the time loose too. Must be finger all kind of damages including material, moral as well as spiritual damages? It is important to underline the damaged caused by the ego concerning the spiritual Father.

Moral Crisis

At this time arise forces coming from the Being that can help us to skin us internally. It is generated a moral crisis that help us to annihilates the ego.

Capacity of Remorse

Self criticism, skinning like of Saint Bartholomew as well as the old Aztec did “Tear the heart with the paws of the tiger up to wash the heart with the blood spilled” The remorse is a real fire with a special energy capable to reduce the ego. Here is not applied the intellect because this one is cold and the remorse is partial only. If it is not a capacity of remorse everything gets inconclusive. The ancient Christian said about the Conjunction “it is the same to explaining it or to know how to explaining it – the important was to feel it”. Concerning the ego is much better to feel it than to work it with the head. SAW said about the woman that had moral crisis very strong. such forces were capable to burn up to the same slag of the ego. Remember past lives and conscious remorse’s give us the capacity goes forward rapidly. That remorse not always is product of the meditations but the environment too. We must be careful with the unconscious moral crisis and never blame or damn situations; if do not take advantage of them we waste them. The business is to take advantage of the adversities.

Pray in the Work = Elimination

Dynamic Super Sexuality

When all the above is done we are ready to pray to the Divine Holy Spiritual Mother in order to eliminate the previously comprehended and judged. This is the pray in the work. The igneous force is superior to the ego. It could be a lot of psychological work and be sharp for the ego. However, if it is no elimination is just like the refugees in the psychological country. Those can be back as soon as the government that exploded them changes.

If the ego was created by a sexual force this force is the only one capable to eliminate it for complete. That is the igneous force the Divine Mother has in each or us.

Married and Single

The married couples can work in couple and the single ones have their individual manner. The positive force, the negative force, and the neutral force can give the magic touch for the proper elimination.

Didactic in the Work

Each one of us must have to appeal to the consciousness. Some essences could do it in one way others in different way; the order and the intensity are settled by the consciousness.

Buddhist Annihilation

This annihilation is the total and complete elimination of the ego. The best sequence is to start with the false personality. Than we have to continue with the heavy egos, and later with the good egos. After that eliminate the Teleogenas Tapes; those are the memories of the ego. Finally we have to eliminate up to the same germs of the ego.