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This material was taken from the book of VM Samael Aun Weor Christmas Message 1968 – 1969. This book is also known as Esoteric Course of Runic Magic.

Runes are sacred rites practiced by the first inhabitants of this planet.

The Runes were the sacred language of those primitive beings. The language of these initiates is composed of letters represented by signs with magic and esoteric powers.

Master Huiracocha thought his disciples these runes with the purpose to awake consciousness. Each rune has hieratic symbol of divine teaching.

The practice of the runes helps us with the three factor of the revolution of the Consciousness.

The practice of the runes attracts to us a very special energy that in conjunction with our spirit create in us special effects.

The runes are good for; pray, relaxation, meditation, mantrams, and to get close to the divinity.

It is recommended its practice in the calendar order. Starting March 21 to April 20. Later April 21 to May 20, and so on.

However, this sequence not necessary could be. If the necessity recommends its practice that could be more constantly, or at different dates.