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The Human Machine

No 4


Machine, what is it?

Intellectual Center
Emotional Center
Instinctive Center
Sexual Center
Superior Intellectual Center
Superior Emotional Center

It is possible to compare the human body with any type of machine? That are many similarity is really alike. The curios matter is that in order to give maintenance to some machines the operator or user receives training. Even for a simple automobile we are careful for the oil change and regular maintenance.

However, concerning the human body we are careless even the human machine is the best machine we know.

Something very interesting speaking about the human machine is that this one is three-brain. That sounds extraneous because everybody is based we have a brain and this one is in the head. However, this intellectual brain is not all. Also, we have an emotional brain and motor (instinctive-sexual) brain. Let’s see the following examples. We could have problems to learn how to drive a standard transmission automobile. When we learned how to drive it we can not applied the intellect because we can push the wrong pedal. Also, when we learn how to type; as far as we learn where the letters are our finger find them easily without our intellect. But, if we try to follow our fingers with the intellect we can make mistakes.

Why we are machines?

Well, our structure and feeding is very similar. Any machine requires gas or energy to operate. In the same manner the human machine requires also food, water, light-impressions. A machine does not require more than gas or electricity. The human machine requires food-air; can not live without impressions. It does not matter if the human being is out of the space or deep in the bottom of the sea; it’s constantly receiving impressions.

The composition of the human machine is much like the computer. However, the human machine is more complex it acts under impulses. Nobody can deny we receive cosmic radiations from outer space; mesons, protons, nucleus, and endless of micro atoms. The astrologers tell us such that the planet acts upon us. We act accordingly to this or that planet. The interesting thing is that such radiations are acting upon our egos; we do this or that without our consent.


The Centers and its Differences

Intellectual Emotional Motor Instinctive Sexual
Function Think & Analyze Emotions Action Heart Beat Reproduction
Place Head 1/2 spinal Low Spinal Sexual Organ
Energy Plexus 30,000 Molecular Electronic
Velocity Slow 2 motor 2 intellect 2 motor Fastest

The function of our Intellectual Center is to think, analyze, compare, etc. The function of the Emotional Center is emotions, sentiments. The Motor Center has the action; walking, exercise, etc. The Instinctive Center controls the blood circulation, digestion, growing hair, etc. The Sexual Center has the reproduction, the sex.

The place of the Intellectual is the head. Emotional is the solar plexus. Motor is in the middle of the spinal chord. Instinctive is in the low part of the spinal chord. The Sexual is in the sexual organs.

Concerning the energy; our sexual energy is the finest of all the centers and this one is molecular electronic.

The center that is the fastest is the Sexual Center . The center that is the slowest is the Intellectual center. This could sound extraneous. Let’s see an example; it is easy to think in the parent’s house, or ranch far away of us. Our thinking travels at great speed. That is correct as a matter of fact that velocity is greater than the speed of our Motor center. The movement of our fingers properly trained typing show us that speed. Our Emotional center is rapidly impacted by the sentiment of repulsion to certain person. We feel that immediately in our stomach. Or maybe the fast movement we do due the fear of a dog we did not see it. However, the rapidness with a person seeing other one of the opposite sex knows immediately if goes or not, if it is chemistry or not. This speed overpasses the intellect, emotional and even the instinctive center.

However, the speed and vibration of our Consciousness is a lot more rapid and the entire five centers together.

Also, we have two unknown centers and those are the Superior Emotional and the Superior Intellectual. These two centers normally appear when the other five centers are in balance. Of course if there is no ire and at least the egos are under control.

The Superior Emotional helps us with the divine matters and gets communications with the ecstasy. The Superior Intellectual is that one that helps us to create wonderful things like classical music. The Superior Emotional combined with and Superior Intellectual, for example, helped composer like Beethoven and other great composers.

However, nowadays in the majority of the humanity those centers are in great unbalance. Normally there is a great energetic abuse. It is not kept a relation between centers. The worst is circulating energy from one center through other center damaging others.

Due to that we die in thirds. It is rare to see dying people due to age. For example, always we see their motor center is atrophied while the intellect is complete, or vice versa.

Each person is born with some amount of vital value in each center; of course, not everybody is born with the same amount of vital force in each center. For example, we see people cannot make it in school and that could be that there are not enough values in his intellectual center. Also, for example, not everybody can jog three miles. The vital values in our motor center are different in each person.

Concerning energetic abuses, it is the same due to the lack of vital forces in a proper center we run other’s energy through this. For example, we overdue our intellect capacity, so, we run it through sexual energy or from the other centers as well. Also, we try to do the same exercise our neighbor does over exhausting it. The result is that we take energy from the sexual center. Also, if we sleep less or more hours we damage our instinctive center. We do not have the capacity to know which food is good for us, or which one we need. Our instinctive center does not give us the alert. Normally, we take energy from the sexual center because that is the fastest. However, we take energy from the motor or the emotional centers too. We also take energy from the instinctive center. It is very frequently with pornography. Apparently it is nothing wrong. However, with the pornography we pass sexual energy through our intellect burning neurons and other regions of our brain. An ire attack or jealousy consume us tremendous amount of energy of our centers.

There are different types of men and women. There are intellectual man, emotional man, and motor man. The intellectual man can not understand the emotional man, or the motor man, and vice versa. Basically, they are not alike. The emotional man likes the bohemian life, poetry, etc. The intellectual man will see everything through the intellect. If we ask to these three types of men to make a trip to a museum, for example; later ask them to tell us what was must interesting we will see the differences.

We must care without the values born in our centers to balance them always. We need to do that in order to die complete. For example, in some monasteries in Tibet after a meditation the monks do strong excises in order to balance their centers. The technique is to change from center as soon as we feel we are abusing it. If we are studying too much; stop it and do some exercise. If we have been working with the motor center stop and use the intellectual center; the idea is to alternate our center.

We must remember when an organ that is not used we loose it.

During our entire life we must to observe our center constantly. The self observation must be rigorous and complete. Also, we must remember our dreams, which are a very good reflect of our daily life.