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My Divine Partner


The Universal Father personally residents in Paradise in the very center of the universe. However, He is also in the mind space dwelling each of his children. The eternal Father is more further than anyone but intimately associated with each one of us.

That extension of our Universal Father dwelling inside of us has different names. V. M. Samuel Aun Weor called it our own Real Being, our Intimate Being, our Secret Father. Documents of the Urantia Book called it Mystery Monitors, Thought Adjusters, Thought Changes. That extension of the Universal Father is a Particle of God. That Particle of God is the act of love of the Universal Father incarnate in the soul of a man and a women. That Particle indwelling in each of us is our Divine Partner. That Particle is who creates within man or woman that unquenchable yearning and incessant longing to be like God just perfect. That Particle is a divine compass pointing always God ward.

Such indwelling Beings are not created beings; they are fragmented entities constituting the factual presence of the Universal Father. They are God and as far as it is known they are God.

The indwelling Beings, our Divine Partners, our mind Adjusters, our Internal Father are coming from upper sphere dimensions. They are coming from such sphere and they return to the same sphere. They are coming from the Universal Father and they return to the Universal Father. They have a proper name. They are known by name and not necessarily by number.


The Law of the Seven is applied to the type of Divine Partners. There are seven types of Divine Partners. They have a very special training. They are assigned depending the volitive creature will be indwelt. All the types are uniform in their divine nature.

  • Virgin.- Those are beginners destine to human candidates.
  • Advanced.- Those are who have served one or more times to volitive creatures.
  • Supreme.- Those are who have had a special experience.
  • Vanished.- Those who have unknown destination.
  • Liberated.- Those who are liberated forever.
  • Fused.- Those who become one with the volitive creature.
  • Personalized.- Those who have served an incarnate being.


The essence of the Divine Partner is completely divine. They are invisible even for some of the angels. They are coming from higher spheres. Their luminosity is divine spirit and this is some of the way how they are detected. It is “the true light which lights every man who comes into the world”. Therefore, for the beings attained the Father those who have reached the Father they are visible.

The human mind, which is also a fragment of the cosmic mind is the main instrument of the Divine Partner. The human mind is a cosmic mediation between spirit and matter. Our Divine Partner has mind too. It is really difficult to the human perceives his of her Divine Partner. Our Divine Partner is prior to energy and spirit divergencies. They are God. Therefore, the best place for our Divine Partner is our mind. They work, plan, love, aligning our thoughts. They do not break our will. They work with us and for us adjusting our thoughts. They are in essence pure spirit as well as pure energy also. Besides that, our Divine Partner is indwelling our mind practically imprisoned and has extraordinary faculties. Our Divine Partner truly loves us. They are waiting for us the moment of fusion to get the freedom. They will work restless for us. They do not need feed energy. They are energy. They chose us by their own will not obligated just for love.


Their main mission is to be our Internal God. It is to divinize the mind and soul to the spiritual and perfection of the Universal Father. Religion comes from the Greek root “Religare”. This is to link something disconnected.

God cannot be wrong; he is infallible. God cannot experientially know what he has never personally experienced. It is the Divine Partner who participates with the mortal beings in every experience in the ascending carrier. Only through this method can the Father could become in truth and in fact man’s experiential Father. That is part of the ministry of all Divine Partners.

All of them are equal in divinity, but they vary in experiential qualities. The selection of the human being is very important in the assignment of his or her Divine Partner. The more experienced is the Divine Partner the human is more elevated. Before the Divine Partner chose voluntary the human being it is all known the pertinent information about him. The sex of the candidate is irrelevant in this selection.

The voluntary Divine Partner takes particularly three segments of the human being:

Intellectuality.- he or she has enough intellectual capacity? could she or he grow up in intellectuality? could she or he acquires wisdom?

Spirituality.- could he or she capable to reverential divinity, birth and growth of religious matters, and capacity of receptivity in spiritual matters?

Combination of Intellect and Spirituality.- the capacity to combine these two endowments in order to strength and help the evolution of the soul.


The Divine Partner is assigned at the first moral choice of the child. The first moral decision creates registers in the internal superior spheres. It is said the Divine Partner arrives the chosen child before the seven birthday.

The Divine Partner cannot invade the human mind until it is fully prepared by the mind-spirits and the Holy Spirit. It is need a full preparation and the capability of worship outreach and wisdom. Also, it needs the ability to choose emerging values of good and evil. That is a moral choice.

It is one thing we need to thank Jesus. Due to the arrival of Jesus and from the day of Pentecost the Divine Partners have been bestowed upon all normal minds of moral status.

There are some conditions and requisites associate with the arrival of the Divine Partner:

  1. The assignment of a personal seraphic guardian. When the human is not in dwelt by his or her Divine Partner. It is a closed relation between this guardian and the Divine Partner.
  2. The attainment of the third circle of intellectual achievement and spiritual attainment.
  3. Upon the making of a spiritual supreme decision.
  4. Great love of his or her fellows and consecrated to unselfish ministry to his or her brethren in the flesh.
  5. Declaration to do the will of God.

Normally the human is named by the number of his or her DP. Humans do no receive real names until after the fusion with his or her DP.


It is not easy the voluntary assignment of our DP specially on this planet at this time. They are indispensable to the ascension to the Paradise. They are assuming the task to reside in our minds. They receive the messages, the admonitions of the spiritual intelligences of the realms and then to undertake to re dictate or translate it to our minds.

Basically, our DP is adjusting and aligning our thoughts. There are truths, which are not used in the present life. That is preserved for the next circle. Sometimes there is no room due to failure or not a sufficient cooperation.

Our DP, our Adjuster will never lose anything committed to his care. Angels and other high ranking celestial beings may occasionally embrace evil, but DP, Adjusters never falter.

Our Divine Partner, our Adjuster is the potential of the new order. Our Divine Partner is not our though helper; he is thought adjuster. Thought Adjusters, Divine Partners work with the human mind in order to construct by adjusting and spiritualizing. They are our future career. The mission is the future life, not the terrestrial life. They are heavenly helpers, not earthly helpers.

Our Adjusters are not interested in making our mortal career easy, but rugged and difficult. In that way our decisions will be stimulated. The indwelling of our Divine Partner is for a sublime peace of mind and not a strenuous thinking. It is not recommended to look for the Adjuster for selfish consolation and mortal comfort. The transient and ever-changing emotions of joy and sorrow are basically human. The work of the Adjuster is to prepare us for the eternal life, for assuring our transition to the eternal life. It is not the duty of our Divine Partner to relieve our ego.

Our Divine Partner would like of change the feeling of fear to conviction of love and confidence. However, that is not his job. All mechanic emotions, and egos, correspond us to eliminate them. No fear is the fulcrum needs our Adjuster to uplifting and advancing for illumination.

For those conflicts between the higher and lower tendencies of races. Those that really are wrong or right, and not necessary, we call it wrong, then it could be the intervention of our Adjuster. Such intervention could be undetected by the human and not necessarily noticed by the human.

A Divine Partner is not thus subjected to examination when his subject fails to survive. An angel could be claimed, but Adjusters work in the manner of Paradise perfection. Their ministries are a flawless technique which is beyond the possibility of criticism. They are perfect guides, the goal is perfection, and that is possible.

Our Divine Partner, our Adjuster is in reality the power, the privilege, and the possibility of eternal life. That distinguishes us from the animals. Our Divine Partners are tormented, molested by our sordid and selfish thoughts.

In the same way we could be a human parent our Adjuster is our divine parent. The Adjusters are our eternal ancestors. They are prisoners of undying hope. They enjoy the communication with their subjects.


Living the real life has no substitute. We have to live our corresponding life. Life is a complete challenger and we have to gain experience working together with our Divine Partner. This is the first stage for the fusion. In that way we are evolving inward and upward from man to God. Our Divine Partner is evolving outward and downward from God to man.

There also Self Acting Adjusters for some special environments as well as special type of humans. They have a high grade of will in matters not involving the humans. These types of Adjusters could leave at will the human mind. Normally these types of Adjusters archived the conquest of their in trusted tasks and only waiting the dissolution of the material or the translation of the immortal soul

Those Adjusters could have some experience in the evolving life. They could be temporary in dwellers or where the fusion has had failed.

They could indwell human who acquired the balance of spiritual power and who reached the third psychic circle.

They could indwell human subject who made the supreme decision betrothal with Adjuster.

They could indwell a human subject who is initiating the ascension.


Pursuant this planet, it is a real betrothal with the divine gifts. It is a life and death engagement. If the human being wins than will be an eternal life. It will be the union of the Adjuster and the human being.

The type of Divine Partner has much to do. A lot of the great intellectuals and spiritual leaders have succeeded due their Adjusters. If such Adjusters have not indwelling their subjects this planet could go to the dark and primitive ages. The more the experience has the Adjuster the more succeed the subject. When the human being refuses to survive for the eternal life. His Adjuster will save experiences for someone else. Therefore, who has not survival qualities, shall be taken away his or her Divine Partner, while to him who has survival prospects shall be given the pre-experienced Adjuster of the slothful deserter.


There are humans knowledgeable of their Divine Partner. Sometimes is possible to have the mind illuminated and hear the divine voice speaking within them. But the unsteady and rapidly shifting mental attitudes interrupt the work of the Divine Partner.

Our own preconceived opinions, settled ideas, prejudices, confusion, make worst the work of our Divine Partner. Then we have partial ideas, unfinished creations, and confusion of concepts.

It is very well known no man can serve two masters. Now a day, we have to do that. It is necessary to stand up and to juggle in temporal compromise while to yield spiritual allegiance to but one master. This is the main reason some humans falter and fail.

Our behavior, our physical constitution, interest material, even chemical and electrical forces are the obstacles we face in communicating with our Divine Partner.

Jesus said “Not my will, but yours, be done.” This decisive decree will help us to survive. This could be better if our own will is the Father’s will too. This is cooperation and cheerful endure.


It is an extraordinary love, the devotion of our Divine Partner to the indwelling human is the same of our Universal Father. It is bypassing all the Celestial Hierarchies in order to contact the Father in Paradise the most insignificant creature. The Father in Paradise is taking care personally all humans through our Adjusters. That is nothing in all the universes exactly compared to the ministry of our Divine Partners.

Our Divine Partners are wonderful pilots not living in our brains, but indwelling in our minds. They are efficient ministers; they are wise and experienced manipulators of the spiritual potential of the human intellect.

Our Divine Partners are interested and help us in our daily tasks. They remain with us in all disasters, sickness, but mental problems. In some way our Adjuster is passive concerning physical matters is divinely active in spiritual concerns.

All physical poisons retard the efforts of our Divine Partner. However, fear, anger, envy, jealousy, suspicion, intolerance, lust, and all activity of egos interfere with the good spiritual development.

Unfortunately, we do not correspond in the same manner. We need to love them, cooperate more in a cheerful manner. And why not to adore them too.


It is the mission of our Beloved Partner to adjust our mind as you may be willing to authorize. However, under no circumstances, our Divine Partner ever takes advantage of us, or in any way arbitrarily influence in our choices and decisions. Ours Beloved Partner always is subservient of our wills.

Our Adjuster is not trying to control our thinking, but rather to spiritualize it and eternalize it. Our Beloved Partner is pre personal; has pre mind and pre will. Therefore, if our will is our Father’s will and vice versa; we conform the Adjuster’s mind, then our mind become one. In that way we will receive the support and force of our Beloved Partner. We will be one and we will be closer to supra sensible spheres of the Divinity.

The cooperation with our Beloved Partner is crucial. They are engaged in one of the extraordinary adventure of all the times. However, the communication between subject and Adjuster is not always being good. Contact is lost in the currents of the energy streams of the human minds. From time to time only an echo, a dream, a faraway divine voice is heard. The success depends not so much of theories as upon your decisions, determination, steady faith, and hard work.

Studying the books of Samael Aun Weor it is clear the reason of the reasons of the existence of the human being is the Self Realization of the Real Being. Therefore, the failure of success of our Beloved Partner; we are speaking in terms of the eternal human life. Adjusters never fail; they are divine essence. If there is no fusion they will be back to the realm of the Universal Father.

Indeed, working with our Beloved Partner does not entail self torture, mock piety, hypocritical, self ostentatious, but love. It could be hesitation, confusion, being puzzled, distracted, sometimes discouraged. However, that is not necessarily a lack of cooperation with our Beloved Partner.

Unfortunately, by nature we are evolved animals; our mind normally has inconclusive thoughts, interrupted ideas. We do not normally trust completely in our Beloved Partner. Besides, we are devoid of courageous decisions and consecrated cooperation with our Beloved Partner. It is common to see and to handle half truths as a complete one. Instead of the highest spiritual values we be contented with mediocrity ones.

Sometimes we confuse our consciousness with the guide of our Divine Partner. However, it is not exactly the voice of our Adjuster. Also, it is some disorder and confusion in the human’s dream. Such matter is a proof of failure of our Adjuster. It is an enormous task to coordinate and synchronize the human and the divine thinking. When the human is asleep, the Adjuster tries to register his creation to the highest level of the material mind. It is important to study our dreams. Those are the reflecting life our psychology, our passions, problems, and life in general.


Our Beloved Partner is of spiritual nature, however, the arena is the human mind. So, the job is intellectual. Normally, our soul is almost like a newborn. The mind must have evolved up through the seven adjutant mind-spirits, and the choice must be the cooperation with the Adjuster. Those two things are needed for the elevation of the soul.

As it is told in the Oriental Cultures. The mind is our ship, the Adjuster is the pilot, and the human is the captain. Only the slothfulness, sinfulness, selfishness can refuse the guide of our Adjuster.


It is much better to work for ideals than for ideas. Happiness and joy take origin in the inner life. Ideas can be arraigned in the outer world. Ideals belong to the inner world.

Imitating God is the key to perfection. Doing God’s will is the secret for the eternal life. The problem of the sin is not self-existent in the finite world. The fact of finiteness is not evil or sinful. It is the misuse, distortion, and perversion of the finite that gives origin to evil and sin.

The worst sin is the pride. In the process for eternal life pride is really toxic. Pride is the sin-breeding for some other egos; from egotism to religious fanaticism. Definitely, Pride is alive and previous to the failure.


We need to understand fully the process of our thinking. When we know how we think we can detect better our ego. We can cooperate better with our Beloved Partner. We recommend to mantralize pronouncing GAAATTTEEE GAAATTEE PAAARRAAGGAATTEE PAARRAAMMMSSSAANNGGAATTEE BOODDISSSWWWAAAJJJJAAA This mantra relaxes the mind. Remember our mind is female; it is receptive. Unfortunately, nowadays it is common to push mind in order to get results faster. As far as this mantra is pronounced mind becomes more receptive. Remember “the highest way of thinking is no thinking”. It is recommended to study the segments about the mind and the mantra in this web page of www.gnosis4help. Please see the Conferences; The Three Minds, The Universe of the Mind, The necessity to Change the Way of Thinking, and The Wonderful World of the Dreams.

Please feel free to any question you may have, or commentary to make.

Inverential Peace
Jose Luis Alarcon