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The Two Lines of the Life

No 3

What is the reason of our lives?

quadrantAre we happy? Do we have peace? Are we successful? Why was I born? Those are questions we need to ask ourselves.

The Law gives us.

At every election we hope the politics give us better government, better life, more security, more benefits, and so on. We hope the Justice do a better job, fast, and accurate. We hope Science brings us better health, easier life, better environment, and so on. We hope Religions be at least above the life’s standards, more human values, and so on.

Therefore, the terrestrial laws give us only expectation. All of them have not satisfied us. Therefore, as we grow older our deceptiveness increases a lot. So, a senior citizen could say the life is a bad joke.

Two Paths

Therefore, to each woman and man it is an open perspective. A Horizontal line opens when we born. That line ends when we die. So, this path is for everybody.

Just for a few; a second path is opened, a Vertical Line.

Characteristics of the Horizontal Line

Routines, mechanism, and unhappiness are some characteristics. These circumstances always hit us.

So, the question is. is possible to change that? The answer is. yes, revolution.

Types of Revolution

There are several external revolutions. We have the Bolshevik revolution, the French revolution, the Cuban revolution, and so on.

However, the only revolution we could be interested is the Internal Revolution.

For the Internal Revolution we need three things. First, we need inquietude. Second, we need a special shock. Third, of course we need a special knowledge.


The Different Level of the Being

“The Interior is Reflex of the Exterior and vice versa”. This motto is prevailing from a long time. Everything is psychological. So, if we see a particular psychological defect in someone else. For sure, we have that specific ego very deep inside of ourselves. Our alike is a full and complete mirror of our internal world.

Also, there is a very special law that works around us. There is a special environment between our alike and us.

Everybody has a specific site in that Vertical Line. We call that site the Level of the Being. That is something like a step of a stair which, goes from earth to heaven, from the essence to the being.

Of course, everything we have around belongs to that step, to that site. Our family, our work, our friends, our problems, our projects, the color of our skin, our religion, our weight, our height, everything belongs that step.

Of course there is a lot of things we disagree of that step. Nobody is happy. We do a lot of things trying to change our environment, trying to change what we disagree with. We think if we know our problems we can easily change them, don’t you? That is not correct at all. However, if we really comprehend the root of the problem, by that special law, we climb to the next step. Normally, we misunderstand knowing with comprehension. To know belongs to the intellect and to comprehend belongs to the heart. Comprehension is a faculty of the Being.

There are some esoteric students who comprehend, who work intimately with psychological matters climbed to the next step and feared. Unfortunately, they were not ready for the environment of the next step. Only the brave, the ready one can deal with new friends, with new things belonging to the next step.

For example, if we choose a stray man at any street. We bath him; give him a haircut and new clothes in order to convert him into a new person. Than, we ask the current President of the Republic to step down and we sit our man on the presidential chair. Probably during the first minutes he can make it. Later, the old habits, the bad manners, the lack of a lot of things, and so on, will come out. So, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

So, everybody has their own step. The prostitute, the criminal, the honest employee everybody has a unique step. Some people according to their virtues have a higher step, others a lower step. The step depends of our internal world and our psychological state.


How We Can Climb to the Next Superior Level of the Being

We said before; just for a few persons get the opportunity for the Vertical Line. The key is Self Respect . Without it there is no chance for the Vertical Line. The only way to climb to the next step is self respect. Transforming and working with our own mechanical reactions. Do not identify yourself with any situation.

Other characteristic of the Vertical Line are the asymmetry of the steps. That is just like nature is. The steps are no equal. Some are shorter than others, and vice versa. Some have more complexity than others.

Characteristics and How to Approach the Vertical Line

Beside the key self respect and the non-identification it is important to confront, not to evade, all psychological transactions. Confront them into a logical way with our own Being. Also, live accordingly with the Auto Reflection Evident of the Being; living with the didactic and dialectic of the Consciousness.

“The soul who knows something gets self in the yearning to know more. The soul who gleams God gets it self in the yearning to come Him”. Torah