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Philosophy is also one of the principals in this teaching.

However, there are some differences. One of them is the Psychology thought in regular schools, we can call it Official Psychology it considers only one Ego. Sometimes such Ego is subdivided, however, for this purposes there is only one Ego. In the case of these studies it is considered that there are many egos. The human being is accessed and possessed by innumerous egos.

Also, there is a difference between Objectivity and Subjectivity. For these Studies all that is perennial, forever, during several lives, and normally abstract is Objectivity. This is like love, God, and so on. Therefore, it is Subjectivity for these study matters that cannot last forever. Please keep in mind what we said before the 360 grades, several dimensions, and so on.

So, what is objectivity for these studies is subjectivity for the Official Science and the Official Psychology too.

Indeed, these Studies consider as Plato said that “it is possible to go from known to unknown”. Therefore, Aristotlean logic going only from known to known is part of the Sensual Mind, being subjectivity logic.

“Nosce Te Ipsum”. “Man Know Thyself and you will know the universe and its Gods”. This is an ancient golden proverb written on the invincible walls of the temple at Delphi in ancient Greece .

Gnostic Philosophy is a “Philosophia Perennis et Universalis”. The Gnostic Anthropology is a Psychoanalytical Anthropology. This is the extraction the content of archaeological remains like pyramids, tombs, steles, holy books, papyri, Mexican codices, Assyrian bricks, Dead Sea Scrolls, millenary sepulchers, ancient temples, sacred monoliths, and so many other symbols.

“There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. W. Shakespeare

From the Book the Secret Doctrine of Anahuac of Dr Samael it is following extract. Magnifica Animan Mean! “Your destiny, dear reader, will never be as that of other mortals if, after having deeply studied this book, you practice the methods or systems taught here in order to awaken your consciousness. Indeed, to support what I wrote here, I could use widely known medieval manuscripts, which can be found in many places”.