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Art is also one of principles of the Gnostic Teaching.

However, Gnostic Teaching considers Art in the meaning of knowledge.

For a matter of this Teaching, Art must provide some kind of message for the Consciousness.

Royal Art is objective. It is transcendental and keeps a good relation with the cosmic truths

Therefore, for this Knowledge is considered art; for example the Aztec’s Almanac or Solar Stone, Ancient Artifacts, Pyramids, Old Obelisks, Hieroglyphs, Classic Music Of Mozart, Litz, Wagner, Beethoven, and so others, Paintings of the Masters of the Renaissance, good literature as the Iliad, Divine Comedy, etc.

Royal Art has a strong relation with cosmic laws. In the same manner you could find the golden number in different royal art. This mathematical equation is in different royal paintings, as well as in the Greek Parthenon. This golden number gives much better distribution in art for the better appreciation and its distribution.

Golden number absolute = 1,61803

Engravings, sculptures, and drawings of the Aztecs, Mayas, Egyptians, and so on; always transmit a precious teaching. The same is with gothic cathedrals, etc.

Cosmic teaching could always be found in Royal Art; the same as good operas or sacred and holy dances capable to crystallize cosmic energy in the human being.

The contemplativeness of the Royal Art helps the human being to balance emotions, psychological as well as physical problems.