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Science is one of the four principals of this Teaching.

However, for a better understanding of these conferences and practices we want to underline the following.

When in this Teaching we make reference about science it is about PURE SCIENCE.

The pure science is direct, vivid and real experience. The pure science is superior ethics, and analysis at the service of the BEING.

The real science could not be separated from the Divinity. It is thru that a few hundred years ago due to the lack of good knowledge of science and matters of God this separation occurred.

However, if we investigate the Mayans, Egyptians, and so other ancient cultures we could see that in order to be scientific they must be priest also, and vice versa.

The pure science always includes cosmic laws as well as other dimensions. The pure science always considers the 360 degrees. For example, cause and effect is seen complete. The pure science considers the investigation a living experience from all angles, all laws, all dimensions nothing is separated.

For example, Mr. Curtis Hill of Curtis Motors of Baltimore , Maryland assisting the NASA said the following “Testing the position of sun, moon, and planets in the following 100 years and 1000 years before in order to avoid crush and orbit problems sending satellites to the space we found our computers didn’t match and give error. We found one day was missing and software and computers were correct. So, a member of our team remembered something in the Bible – The Sun Stands Still – Joshua 10:8, 12, and 13. However, we were still 40 minutes off. Verifying 2-Kings 20:9-11 and adjusting computers we matched everything” Not only the Sun, and planets stood still, but went back 40 minutes.

So, the pure science is more profound. It is part of God regardless religion.