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With this web page we want to render tribute to VM Samael Aun Weor (Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez, 1917-1977). Father of the modern Gnostic Anthropology

VM Samael wrote over sixty books as well as an enormous amount of lectures and practices. VM Samael collected a vast esoteric, anthropological, philosophical, and scientific works. VM Samael digested and made easier for everybody to comprehend these studies. The research and rediscovery Samael did gave new life to the Gnosis.

Gnosis is a Greek word meaning a highest degree of knowledge. Knowledge implemented by personages like Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, Moses, Krishna , Jesus, Plato, Hermes, Paracelsus, and so many other outstanding worldwide human beings.

The legacy of Samael Aun Weor contains the sacred and serpentine wisdom given by God to all the human kind as well as the philosophical and mystic synthesis in a crystalline and clear way never before done.

The Gnostic Teaching is based on Science, Art, Philosophy, and Mysticism. Therefore, Gnosis has been expressed in many forms in different cultures, different civilizations, and different times.

Now, we have the fortune through the legacy and work of Dr Samael we can study and practice subjects like Transcendental Meditation, Dream Yoga, Hermetic Astrology, Anthropology, Runic Alphabet, Kabbalah, Tibetan Disciplines, Subtle Anatomy of the Human, Esoteric Psychology. And so many other subjects can help the human being to get a better life.

We have a specific compromise, and that we want too “not to change a word or meaning concerning the legacy and work Dr Samael left”.

“Be humble in order to attain enlightenment, and after having attained it, be more humble yet.” – S.A.W.