Gnostic 4 Help, Inc

A Non-Profit and Educational Organization


Our Vision

Our Vision is happiness all around the world. Happiness is intangible, and it has nothing to do health, nor materialism.

Society is the extension of the individual. If the individual is covetous, cruel, pitiless, egotistical, and so on, so will society be.

The hour to reflect on our own destiny has arrived. Violence does not resolve anything. Violence can only lead us to failure.

The problem of the world is the problem of the individual. Bloody revolutions do not resolve anything. It is only through intelligence that we will resolve the problem of the bottling up consciousness.

Therefore, this Teaching is for the self selected who want Self Realization of the Being.

Theory and Practice brings about perfection. It is very important to study with true incentive, with the desire to learn, with the desire to comprehend the superior knowledge. You must put into practice what you learn if you want to achieve the perfection of the work.

It is necessary to be prepared in this knowledge to comprehend not only with intellect but with the heart itself. This wonderful Teaching must be digested by the heart, but masticated by the intellect. Also, it is asked to see this Teaching with an open mind,. 360 degrees, and be ready to cover another dimension.

This Teaching is by it self revolutionary in a hundred percent. Time does not affect nor interrupt this Teaching.

It is ask enough patience to get the message and assimilate it. Indeed, this teaching could look extensive and tired. However, it is in synthesis, collected for the western mentality.

“Study together; learn together, practice the teaching together. Do not waste your mind and time in idleness and quarreling. Enjoy the blossoms of Enlightenment in their season and harvest the fruit of the right path” Shakyamuni Buddha, the Last Teaching of the Buddha

So, hands on.