Gnostic 4 Help, Inc

A Non-Profit and Educational Organization


Our Mission

The Mission of GIA is to help our humankind. We have created an educational center in order to provide knowledge to our fellow man. It is not important age, race, religion, academic level, nor economic income. We have set an important amount of studies and practices adapted to western people.

There is no question about the lack of human values. Nowadays, recidivism is in all stages of our citizens. Happiness is completely misunderstood and falsely taken like money. Inner values are even more distant in all of us.

Since spring 1988 we have been creating free of charge small groups. We are providing them the necessary techniques to convert them into better persons. We have set up certain amount of practices and conferences. Theory and practice for better assimilation.

Therefore, our mission is to develop his or her inner potential faculties; redefining the human being as a divine essence with infinite possibilities of physical and spiritual development.

First of all, we ask you some patience and time while browsing this wonderful Teaching.

We want to thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

“To change we must first know, to know we must first learn, and to learn we must make great sacrifices”. S.A.W.