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This web site has been created with the purpose to disclose the work of V.M. Samael Aun Weor and V.M. Litelantes. Therefore, here you can get valuable information. This is a hand out and practice guide. That could help our physical, internal bodies, and our psyche.

Gnosis means “knowledge”. We ask you a lot of patience in order to assimilate. We are chaos and randomness. The biggest sin is ignorance. The real wisdom does not belong to the mind, but the Being. Gnosis helps us to think with heart as well as to pray psychologically. Gnosis and practices help us to get electric body and psychos coherences. Gnosis is not entertainment because your happiness, your spirituality, your personality as well as your physical health could be at risk. Gnosis can teach us necessary steps to increase and grow up Consciousness. There are a lot of writers writing wonderful things about it. For example, the orgone of Wilhelm Reich is a particle with consciousness. Quantum will be better understood from the point of view of Consciousness. Gnosis helps us how consciousness rules reality – present time. Gnosis and consciousness are awareness and intentionality. Our DNA is part of part and instrument of the Consciousness as well as of the electric universe. Gnosis helps us to assimilate and work the Lodge of the Consciousness. Gnosis will help us to have a resilience soul. Without this is not possible to understand, to explore, and to rule the Universe, the Cosmos itself. However, due our actual almost human condition it is necessary to work and practice. It is really necessary to study, to practice, to meditate deeply. It is necessary to do that every day if really we want to achieve it. Unfortunately, it is no other way. Mastery is not free. Verification- Basis of the faith aware. 2 Corinthians 3:6

We thanks and express our gratitude to all of those who contribute and help us with this web site. We encourage everybody to share thoughts, or questions. We encourage you to write us using your native language. Your comments and questions help us to rewrite this page.

We didn’t pay for receiving Gnosis. Therefore, we do not charge a penny for this wonderful teaching, and we will not. However, we will appreciate any monetary contribution. Your donation will be applied only to the divulgement of this wonderful teaching. This is a Non-profit Educational Center, registered with the Internal Revenue Service with the Taxpayer Identification Number 30-0127288 receipts could apply.